Mom tries Texas Roadhouse Family Bundle

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‘I may have to do that’: Mom tries Texas Roadhouse Family Bundle. Is it worth it?

'We do this all the time as a family of 4. We eat on it for two days. A great deal!'


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Posted on Mar 15, 2024   Updated on Mar 21, 2024, 1:25 pm CDT

In an era where feeding your family is expensive, Texas Roadhouse offers a variety of family to-go meal deals that can save you money. A woman shared one of the family bundles she bought from Texas Roadhouse for around $50 and declared it a success.

TikTok user Devin Zabarsky (@dzabarsky2) sat in her car, waiting for her order in Texas Roadhouse’s pick-up area. “So, within the last week, three people have said something to me about this Texas Roadhouse To-Go Meal,” she said. “So, we decided to do it tonight.” With this order, she hoped it would last a couple of meals for her and her boyfriend. Then, the content creator revealed what the order included. “It comes with four steaks, a huge salad, and two sides, and rolls,” she shared. “Once it’s ready, they’ll text me. So, we’ll see how this goes.”

It’s unclear how long the content creator was waiting, but after she received the text message, Zabarsky walked to the window and picked up her order. Next, the clip cut to the huge bag sitting on her seat. To err on the side of caution, she heated the seat the bag was on. Afterward, the video cut to the food spread across her dining table. From there, she unveiled each item. 

First up was a large salad with two cups of dressing. “We got our salad,” she said. Next was a box of rolls and a huge container of cinnamon butter, which excited Zabarsky. “So many rolls and this massive thing of butter. If you never tried this butter, dude, you’re missing out,” she said. Then, Zabarsky revealed a to-go box of four giant sides. “I don’t know what Cody picked. Mashed potatoes, corn, I think,” she commented. Finally, she showed off four small sirloin steaks. “They’re not huge, obviously, because you get all of this for, like, 50 or 55 bucks, but honestly, I think it’s worth it,” she concluded. 

Zabarsky praised the to-go meal in the caption, “10/10 recommend.”

@dzabarsky2 10/10 recommend @Texas Roadhouse #texasroadhouse #dinner #takeout #meals #texasroadhouserolls #texasroadhousebutter #familybundle ♬ original sound – Devin Zabarsky

The video amassed 1.4 million views, and Zabarsky motivated viewers to try the to-go meal.

“That’s a great deal for 55 I would love to try it,” one viewer said.

“I know what I’m doing for dinner tomorrow,” a second stated.

“I had no idea this was a thing! I’m so excited to do this tonight! You’re the GOAT for this!” a third praised.

However, others noted only certain locations offer it.

“Our location stopped this shortly after they started it. We miss it so much!” one viewer commented.

“None of the Texas Roadhouse in my area do this,” another remarked.

Indeed, only select Texas Roadhouse locations offer this deal. Though there isn’t a list of locations, you can call or check online. From there, the restaurant offers five family-pack meals ranging between $40 and $55. However, you can customize your family pack by choosing two or three entrees, two or three sides, and desserts.

The Daily Dot reached out to Texas Roadhouse via press email for more information.

Update 1:23pm CT, March 21: Zabarsky told the Daily Dot she went to the Texas Roadhouse in Brooklyn, Ohio. “The food was really good. The steaks were surprisingly still warm when I got home from picking it up (and I had a 15-20 minute drive home). The salad was great, even for leftovers. The rolls and butter are my favorite!” she shared via TikTok direct message.

Zabarsky said she thinks it was a “great value for the amount of food we got.”

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*First Published: Mar 15, 2024, 10:00 am CDT