Texas Roadhouse customer casually sneaks into the kitchen during dinner. Here’s what he discovers

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‘Longhorn would never’: Texas Roadhouse customer casually sneaks into the kitchen during dinner. Here’s what he finds

‘My restaurant woulda noticed so quick.’


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A Texas Roadhouse customer snuck into the restaurant’s kitchen during a visit to capture video and is now sharing that video with the rest of the world.

As Daily Dot readers know, Texas Roadhouse makes for some popular TikTok content, and this particular TikTok video from creator Nick Brown (@nickbrown.7) was engaging enough to draw more than 324,000 views since going up on Wednesday.

The on-screen caption declares, “Exploring the Texas Roadhouse Kitchen!” followed by the all-important parenthetical, “I don’t work here.”

@nickbrown.7 Exploring the Texas Roadhouse Kitchen! 😱😱😱 (I don’t work here) #texasroadhouse #texasroadhouserolls #vlog #explore #prank #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Nick Brown

Brown then takes viewers on a tour through what appears to be a fairly busy kitchen with a lot of cooks and other workers in it. At a few points in the video, the view goes into slow motion but then starts up again at normal speed.

Commenters, being fascinated by the legendary chain restaurant, had thoughts on this video.

“Bro they got 25+ cooks back there damn,” marveled one.

“Yeah wish my line looked like this,” said another.

Several remarked they wouldn’t be fazed to see a stranger walking through the kitchen area.

“I’d be that one Texas Roadhouse employee to notice you and still not say a thing,” someone confessed.

Someone else observed, “I worked at a Texas Roadhouse busier than this one,” adding, “Nobody would have even batted an eye.”

One fan stated, “So that’s where the magic happens.”

Another invoked a rival restaurant, saying, “Longhorn would never.”

Someone responded to that, writing, “Because Longhorn to busy putting a shit ton of salt on the steaks.”

One commenter was inspired to try it herself, saying, “Ok I love this, I wanna try it out next time I’m there,” before adding, “It’s always sooo chaotic.”

Brown counseled, “Yes please try it. It is so hilarious and fun. Just be natural and act like you’re supposed to be there. Have confidence in your demeanor.”

She wondered, “How do you hold your phone without them noticing your possibly recording?? I feel like that’ll be a dead giveaway lol.”

He admitted, “It is kinda sus and awkward but when no one notices it doesn’t even matter.”

Finally, showing how TikTok can really bring people together, one noted, “IM IN THIS LMAO.”

Brown responded with an “OMG,” and then matched him all-caps for all-caps with, “YOU’RE THE GUY AT THE END CARRYING THE ROLLS!”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Texas Roadhouse via email.

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