Texas Roadhouse customer orders a bunch of butter to-go.

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‘$12 in butter later’: Texas Roadhouse customer orders a bunch of butter to-go. It backfires

‘Turns out they’re fricking huge.’


Brooke Sjoberg


When it comes to favorite condiments made at restaurants, some customers are not afraid to ask for extra to take home.

Sometimes it’s a special variety of salsa added to a Chipotle order or additional pickles, requests for extra anything at restaurants can have unintended consequences.

One Texas Roadhouse customer’s request for extra butter to take home had the opposite effect—she received multiple full-size tubs of butter, as opposed to the small to-go containers she thought she was asking for.

In a video posted to TikTok, Corky (@corkyo) shared the wild amount of butter she received, captioning her video saying she loves the butter, so it is a win for her either way.

“This Roadhouse butter—the container that normally comes with the butter,” Corky says, showing a small, presumably 2 oz container. “I got a bunch because I thought, ‘oh, this is going to be small.’ No, turns out they’re fricking huge.”

She then pans the camera to reveal the eight large tubs full of butter she received.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @corkyo via email regarding the video.

@corkyo i love the butter, soooo #winisawin @Texas Roadhouse #texasroadhouse #anniversarydinner #cinnimon #food #fyp #tiktok ♬ original sound – Corky O

Several viewers wondered how long the butter would keep, writing that they would be putting it on everything if they were in her shoes.

“Ohmygod does it freeze well?” one commenter wrote. “Butter on EVERYTHING.”

“Cinnamon butter for days,” another said

“This is not an issue for me,” a further user argued.

Some viewers shared that they work for the restaurant, and wrote that the large containers of butter are actually available for sale on a regular basis.

“Texas Roadhouse employee here… the small ones we give out and we sell the bigger ones with our dozen or by themselves (at the location I work at),” one commented.

“I work at TXRH and I can say we’ve had multiple people pay for butter and get huge squat cups instead of the smalls,” a second said.

Others shared that they have similarly asked for some extra condiments on the side and gotten more than they anticipated.

“I made this mistake with a local Mexican restaurant and queso,” one commenter wrote. “Imagine my surprise when I got 3 huge bowls of queso.”

“I once requested a large amount of ice from zaxbys,” another commented. “I didn’t specify enough and they gave me a to go sack. I was happy regardless.”

“Did this with the ranch at wing stop one time lol for future reference you do NOT need a large ranch from Wingstop lol,” a further user shared.

One viewer even said they did the same thing, spending almost $12 on butter. In response, Corky said she was charged a rather high price for the butter, assuming it was inflation. “As I was checking out, I was wondering why it was so expensive. I just assumed inflation XD,” she commented.

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