Swiftie makes it to concert doors before realizing her Eras tour tickets were stolen off Ticketmaster

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‘THIS CAN HAPPEN???’: Swiftie makes it to concert doors before realizing her Eras Tour tickets were stolen off Ticketmaster



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TikTok user @carlsbadjr said she arrived at the Eras Tour in Cincinnati, Ohio, believing her tickets were still tied to her Ticketmaster account—only to swiftly realize that they had been stolen.

Digital ticket sales from platforms like Ticketmaster may not be as secure as customers believe. For instance, Swifties recently shared via TikTok that their tickets were stolen through the very site that sold them their prized Taylor Swift tickets.

“When you get all the way to the gate and find out your eras tour tickets were stolen off Ticketmaster,” a text overlay on the video reads.

In the caption of her video that has drawn over 359,000 views on the platform, @carlsbadjr wrote that she was still covered head-to-toe in glitter for the concert, and that Ticketmaster was unable to restore her tickets.

@carlsbadjr Still covered in glitter head to toe. S/O #ticketmaster for doing absolutely NOTHING to help us!!! so so so heartbroken #erastour #erastourcincinnati #greenscreensticker @Taylor Swift ♬ cruel summer sped up – bia (taylor’s version)

Previously, Ticketmaster representatives told KHOU that ticket thefts typically occur when someone hacks into a customer’s account and transfers the tickets to their own email address. It is unclear what method was used to steal tickets from @carlsbadjr.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the poster via comment on the video, as well as to Ticketmaster via email regarding the video.

A similar incident happened in March, when a set of friends had their tickets stolen off the sales platform. Their tickets were stolen by a hacker transferring the tickets to another email address.

Some viewers shared that similar things had happened to them, and recommended frequently changing passwords to high-value accounts like those held with Ticketmaster, and contact the sales company immediately.

“I saw this happen to people for Harry Styles,” one commenter wrote. “Best thing to do if that happens is to call Ticketmaster immediately to get your tix back.”

“Girl always add two factor authentication and use a unique password on TM,” another commenter wrote. “Sorry this happened to you.”

“I didn’t put mine in my wallet and this happened to sugas tour,” a commenter wrote. “Luckily it still showed under my name when they checked so they let me in.”

The lesson? If you have a hot Ticketmaster purchase, get those tickets off your Ticketmaster account and onto your digital wallet ASAP—don’t wait till showtime.

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