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‘Swim season is the worst’: Target worker says she refuses to work in style department after customers leave mess in swimsuit section

‘That happens every day.’


Melody Heald


A Target worker reveals why she would never want to work in the Style department in a now-viral TikTok.

TikTok user Kaitlin Sondae (@kaitlinsondae), who posts content about her job at Target, uploaded the video on June 5. Within two days on the platform, it accumulated over 20,000 views.

In the clip, she unveils piles of bathing suits scattered across the floor.

“One of the top reasons why I will never work in style [is] because this will literally send me over the edge. So, we love that. Yay!” she says.

The content creator reinforced this in the caption, writing, “I COULD NOT.”

In the comments section, current and former Target workers agreed that working in the Style department is a “nightmare.”

“Im in style and hate clearance especially its a nightmare,” one viewer wrote.

“Swim, clearance & graphics always make me consider quitting,” a second said.

“Omg I worked style for last summer and I did fitting rooms and it sucked,” a third recalled.

On the other hand, some stated that this is a regular occurrence.

“Swim is always like this at every store,” one user noted.

“I work in the style department and that happens everyday,” a second remarked.

“I literally had to pick up girls swim 3 times today,” a third shared.

In addition, other retail workers shared their stories of working in apparel.

“I work at American eagle now and put backs are my worst nightmare but we get them done,” one person said.

“YES!! I worked fitting rooms at JCpennys once for Seasonal & when I tell you the clothes left in the fitting room touched the ceiling!!” a second stated.

“I work in the ulta section but the shoe section gives me anxiety cause i could fix it for them and it would get messed up in 2 minutes,” a third wrote.

Update 2pm CT, June 7: Sonday told the Daily Dot she is based in Nebraska and that she works in the beauty department. “I have worked once or so awhile back in style but I purposefully choose not to,” she said, adding that the department is a mess every day, and more so on peak days and holidays.

“So when people say workers don’t do anything, we do! We are what makes a store run, by doing freight, helping, and overall picking up!” she said.

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