angry Taco Bell worker (l) Taco Bell sign (c) woman slapping at camera (r)

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‘She deserves her own franchise’: Viewers side with Taco Bell worker who smacked customer’s phone after they got the wrong order

‘We need the whole story … something isn’t adding up.’


Angela Littlefield


A viral post is trending via TikTok of an altercation that happened between a Taco Bell worker and a customer at a local TacoBell in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, a large suburban town near Charleston, all because of a wrong order. 

In the video, you can see the outrage from a Taco Bell worker who is yelling, throwing items and being upset at customer Tucker Ormson (@tuckerormson0) who posted the TikTok video outing the employee.

Ashley repeatedly yelled, “Tag me when you post it,” in response to Ormson cold recording her at the workplace. 

The video has grossed over 1 million views and 184,000 likes as of Thursday evening.   

The text caption read: “TacoBell Mount Pleasant, SC. Worker got mad when was told she got the order wrong. Thanks to the actual manager, who fixed the situation got us squared away,” Ormson wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Tucker Ormson (@tuckerormson0) and Ashley Renne Ford (luvvash35) via TikTok comment. And Taco Bell via email. 

In a separate video, Ormson posted an explanation video explaining only his side of the story, but viewers were not too quick to come to his defense. 

Claiming that the worker had an attitude when confronted about the mistakenly ordered tacos, and offered to give them their money back or asked them to leave the restaurant. 

“This is nothing to do with racism, I didn’t come in there with the intent to put her on blast,” Ormson said.

@tuckerormson0 TacoBell Mount Pleasant, SC. Worker got mad when was told she got the order wrong. Thanks to the actual manager, who fixed the siutation got us squared away. #charleston #mountpleasant #tacobell #customersalwaysright ♬ original sound – Tucker Ormson

Many viewers in the comments were applauding the worker and supporting her reaction. 

Ormson ’s comments were flooded by viewers supporting the worker and blaming Ormson for exposing another Black woman in a dim and negative light. 

“He probably was being an asshole and she was fed up. We need the whole story … something isn’t adding up,” user @dejinthecity said.

 “You’re a weirdo why you fighting with a woman and recording her after u obviously antagonizing her,” user Martha @borderlinemartha. “It’s Taco Bell chill.”

There is always a love/hate relationship when it comes to dealing with wrong orders, especially interactions with unruly customers. 

Even a Starbucks worker dumps out drinks in front of customers as they try to purposely misorder drinks.

At the end of the video, Ormson is escorted out of the restaurant by the Mount Pleasant Taco Bell manager. 

Taco Bell has not made any public comments via social media regarding the altercation, although it heavily gained attention via TikTok. 

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