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‘This is why I never give people recommendations at my work’: Taco Bell customer asks worker for recommendation. He doesn’t take it after long spiel

‘I usually order what the recommendation unless it's something I know I won't like.’


Jack Alban


Posted on Jul 20, 2023

Many would argue that good advice is only good if you actually take it. But, according to some folks who work in the food service industry, they often come across diners who ask for their recommendations on what to order, only to end up choosing what they wanted from the get-go.

That’s precisely what happened in a viral video uploaded by TikToker @kuzzalan, who recorded themselves ordering at a Taco Bell drive-thru. In the video, the TikToker asks an employee if they have a favorite menu item and then asks them to describe any customizations they make to the meal.

The employee gives a detailed response, to which @kuzzalan responds that they already had an order in mind. The post elicited a variety of different reactions from viewers, with some defending the TikToker’s actions and others who didn’t appreciate how the customer interacted with the Taco Bell employee.


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In the video, the TikToker approaches the drive-thru speaker, where they ask the employee for their recommendations. Their conversation goes as follows:

Worker: Hi, welcome to Taco Bell. What can I get started for you today?

Customer: Hey, do you happen to have, like, a favorite menu item?

Worker: A favorite menu item?

Customer: Yeah.

Worker: If you want my favorite, I’d say it’s, like, a chicken quesadilla.

Customer: You customize it, or you just leave it how it is?

Worker: I personally customize it.

Customer: What would you put inside of it?

Worker: I replace it with, like, spicy ranch, and add fiesta strips, and I add, like, chicken and steak in there.

Customer: Wow. Um, yeah, I actually already have an order.

Commenters who saw the video didn’t seem too entertained by the way @kuzzalan handled the situation.

“Bro this is why I never give people recommendations at my work cause they never order what I recommend,” one viewer wrote.

However, others defended the TikToker, like one who pointed out that, while the employee likely eats for free, their customizations raise the item’s price for customers: “Not paying $10 for one taco bell item he gets it for free.”

According to Taco Bell’s website, a standard Chicken Quesadilla with no add-ons comes out to $4.89. While there aren’t any options to add fiesta strips to the item, putting in spicy ranch, steak, and extra chicken brings the total cost of the custom quesadilla up to $8.74.

A number of food service workers have expressed their disdain for customers who ask them for their personal recommendations. One Texas Roadhouse server said they “hate” when diners ask what she likes on the menu, explaining that just because she works there doesn’t necessarily mean she eats there or has a favorite dish.

Then there was one server who “misinterpreted” a guest who asked her what the “best” appetizer was. After the server informed him of her favorite selection, the guest cut her off and rudely said they didn’t care what she preferred and simply wanted the “best” option, resulting in an awkward exchange.

The Daily Dot contacted Taco Bell via email and @kuzzalan via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jul 20, 2023, 6:55 pm CDT