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‘Doordash rejected the refund request’: Subway customers order 2 sandwiches. They get Subway poster ads delivered instead

'We didn't get food, we got advertisement.'


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Dec 12, 2023

If you order from delivery apps often enough, you’re bound to get the wrong thing delivered once or twice. “The wrong thing” is usually simply an incorrect order from the same restaurant or, if things get out of hand, another person’s order from a different restaurant because the driver accidentally mixed the two up upon drop-off.

However, one DoorDash customer who received the wrong order had a very different experience.

“We ordered two Spicy Italians from Subway and it said order completed and we got this picture on the front door,” TikToker @knockbackaria explained in a video last month. The picture was of three flat boxes stacked on top of one another, while the order displayed on the phone was clearly sandwiches.

When he moved the phone away, the alleged contents of the boxes were revealed.

“It’s just two big ass boxes of f*cking Subway fliers and posters,” he said. “Like, what the actual— bro, we didn’t get food, we got advertisement. Like, bro, we got the meal deal of the day.”

A franchise’s stock of in-store posters certainly isn’t what anyone expects to show up on their front porch when they order via DoorDash, but what’s more surprising is that @knockbackaria claims DoorDash refused to refund the order.

He didn’t specify what their reasoning was, although DoorDash generally offers refunds at their discretion. The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash via email and the TikToker via comment.

In the comments section, several viewers shared their frustrations with DoorDash, although none amounted to receiving boxes filled with advertising rather than food.

@knockbackaria Btw the subway manager asked for the boxes back & doordash rejected the refund request. #doordash #subway #trending #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – knockbackaria

“I’ve had a door dasher take my food and for the delivery picture they just took a picture of my garage door nothing else,” wrote one user.

“I ordered mcds the other day the dude grabbed my meal and [someone] elses,” another recalled.

A further viewer suggested, “The driver grabbed those off a random table in the dining room instead of waiting for your food to be done,” which @knockbackaria says was actually not the case.

“I called the store to check what happened & the manager said that they gave the dasher both italian subs,” he said, speculating that the driver just “ate them and dropped off the boxes.”

He also said that the manager asked him to bring the advertisements back to the store.

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*First Published: Dec 12, 2023, 7:43 am CST