Subway worker says customer had them make a sandwich, then walked out after seeing cost

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‘I didn’t see the price’: Subway worker says customer had them make a sandwich, then walked out after seeing cost

'The rage that fills me.'


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Posted on Jan 15, 2024   Updated on Jan 15, 2024, 2:42 pm CST

Robbie and Jackie are a TikToking duo working out of what they say is the “busiest Subway in the USA.” On their joint TikTok account, where they’ve accumulated an impressive 23,000 followers since October of 2023, they share content related to the job. 

In one of their most popular videos, which received over 340,000 views, they share their “biggest icks while working at the busiest Subway in the USA.” (There are no reports online that indicate what the busiest Subway location is, and Robbie and Jackie understandably haven’t publicized their location.) 

To start off their list of icks, Robbie appears dead-pan, side-eyeing the camera. They share a customer comment they say they receive at least 10 times a day: “I’ve never seen a Subway drive-thru before.” While rare, Subway drive-thrus are apparently becoming more common

Next, Jackie joins Robbie in a dead-pan stare. “No more $5 footlongs??? IN THIS ECONOMY??? Really??” the text overlay on their video reads to highlight yet another common customer complaint. 

The $5 footlong is a popular promotion that Subway started in 2008 and was officially phased out by 2016 due to rising costs. The promotion was so popular that it became synonymous with Subway itself in the minds of many customers. That’s why customers still try to walk into Subway locations to order the $5 footlong in 2023.  

“Does adding chips and a drink to my order make it cheaper?” customers also often ask, according to Robbie and Jackie. While ordering chips and a drink as a combo with your main entree is likely cheaper than ordering each individual item on their own, it is highly unlikely you’d find an establishment that would charge you less for more food. 

Another comment Robbie and Jackie say they often get from difficult customers is “they did it for me last time.” If we’ve learned anything from Starbucks workers, it’s that they don’t appreciate colleagues who accommodate bizarre customer requests because entitled customers then assume every Starbucks worker can accommodate that same request.

And perhaps the most bizarre ick of them all is that customers have walked out after their sandwich is already custom-made for them. “Oh I didn’t see the price. I don’t want my sandwich anymore,” Robbie and Jackie recalled customers saying after the workers spent time making said sandwich. According to some Subway workers on Reddit, workers can either eat or toss any “leftover” sandwiches.

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Subway workers who viewed their video validated Robbie and Jackie’s icks.

“All these I hear everyday,” one viewer wrote.

“The rage that fills me would when someone asks me if a meal is cheaper,” a second remarked.

“When people say ‘they did it for me last time!’ I’m always like ‘Oh! Well who did that for you so I can let the manager know they need more training!’ a third commented.

And a few shared some new ones.

“Getting cussed out for not being able to let people buy just the bread,” one worker shared.

“Ugh or when they prefer online and then show up seconds later demanding ot to be done already,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Robbie and Jackie via TikTok comment and direct message.

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*First Published: Jan 15, 2024, 6:00 pm CST