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‘I’m trying to mourn here’: Starbucks worker says 4 people asked about Stanley cup at their brother’s funeral

'Are you seriously asking me about some mug while I'm at my brother's funeral?'


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Posted on Jan 16, 2024   Updated on Jan 16, 2024, 8:13 am CST

While some say that the Stanley cup craze is nearing its end, that doesn’t mean that people have stopped trying to get their hands on them.

Internet users have documented fights that have taken place in the process of trying to obtain one of these cups. In other cases, users have claimed that their younger siblings or children were bullied for not having Stanley cups, such as one user who claimed that they bought their sister the Stanley cup after seeing her being mocked for not having one, and another who claimed that their daughter faced criticism from peers at school after showing up with a non-Stanley cup.

Now, another Internet user has sparked discussion after claiming they were approached four different times about the Stanley cup—during their brother’s funeral.

In a post on the subreddit r/Starbucks, user woofgangexe, who identifies themself as a Starbucks employee, writes, “At my brothers funeral, four people asked me about the f*cking Stanley.” In the body of the post, the user writes, “Like d*mn man I’m trying to mourn here.”

Immediately, commenters began voicing their support for the Redditor, saying that they should find a time to confront their family members about their inappropriate behavior.

“Seriously? That’s super disrespectful. I’m sorry for your loss,” wrote a user.

“Sorry for your loss. I would of seriously called them out on it,” shared another. “‘Are you seriously asking me about some mug while I’m at my brother’s funeral?’ Even family needs to learn boundaries.”

“They’re adults and that’s just hella disrespectful,” added a third. “I hope you at least told them it was inappropriate.”

In response to comments like these, woofgangexe said that they planned to discuss the issue with the family members in question when the time is right.

“…They’re my family and I love them dearly. In the future I’ll tell them how it made me feel,” the user wrote in a comment. In another comment, the user wrote, “I love them dearly, I’m upset but I’ll be okay and don’t want to be upset about that for a long time.”

The post has since been removed, but the Daily Dot reached out to woofgangexe via Reddit chat.

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*First Published: Jan 16, 2024, 9:00 am CST