Man gets tackled over Valentine's Day Stanley cup in Target

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‘I’m embarrassed to even carry mine now’: Target shopper gets tackled over Valentine’s Day Stanley cup

"The 'cool girls' have moved on to another brand."


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Posted on Jan 4, 2024   Updated on Jan 4, 2024, 10:23 am CST

Stanley cups first went viral in January of 2023, according to Business Insider. But after Target released exclusive Valentine’s Day 40-ounce tumblers, they’ve reached a new level of fame. Now, people who purchased the cups before the craze really took off are embarrassed to go out in public with them.

The tumblers, which promise to keep drinks cold for hours, are hard to come by, with customers camping outside Target locations waiting for them to open so they can get their hands on one. And if you’re hoping to avoid the rowdy crowds, you’re out of luck as the cups are all sold out online as well.

The cups are selling for $45 and come in two colorways: “cosmo pink” and “Target red.” The Target description for the special edition cups reads: “Show your inner circle the love they deserve with Stanley’s exclusive Galentine’s Collection, only at Target. Made to gift, a card label is included while a tiny heart adorns the Stanley logo. With a pop of pink and the perfect shade of red, let’s celebrate your gal pal by spreading the love!”

One man apparently wanted to show his inner circle his love so bad that he was willing to throw down for it. He was filmed, via a livestream, jumping over a Target Starbucks counter to grab one before fleeing the mob of angry Target shoppers also hoping to get their hands on one.

“They’re trying to grab it. Oh, my god! They’re trying to steal,” one of the shoppers shouts. “Oh, my god! Stop him!”

The man gets tackled, and lands on the floor before the recording stops.

The live stream comes courtesy of popular Starbucks cup collector, @4rayah.sunshine, who was at Target trying to secure the Valentine’s Day Stanley cup.

TikToker @neliabedilia_ reposted the stream and included her commentary in a viral TikTok that was viewed 180,000 times.

@neliabedilia_ was at a loss for words. “I’m in shock,” she said. “What is happening?”

In the text overlay of the video, she claimed that “Stanley got everyone going INSANE.”

@neliabedilia_ 🗣️SECURITY! And s/o to @RayahSunshine for standing her ground !! #stanleyrelease #starbuckstanley #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – neliabedilia

@4rayah.sunshine recounted the incident on her TikTok account, where she has 170,000 followers.

She said while she was waiting in line at the Target Starbucks, some people cut the line. “I called them out and told the employee about them cutting in line,” she said. She said that security reviewed the tapes and “were addressing it.”

“The man got so agitated, he hopped over the counter and attacked the employee for the cup,” she said, adding that “there was a scuffle” involving the man, his sister, and security. She said the police were on their way.

The creator said that while she was able to get her cups, her live was banned.

@4rayah.sunshine Hunt day!! There was an incident here at the target ##stanley##starbucks##stanley2024##starbucksstanley##target##cuphunt##cuphunter##cuphunting ♬ original sound – RayahSunshine

The Daily Dot reached out to @neliabedilia_ via email and to @4rayah.sunshine via Instagram direct message. We’ve also reached out to Target via press email.

Viewers suspected the man was trying to get a cup for his significant other and were strangely into his energy.

“Maybe I’m toxic but I like it loll. My man needs to be this crazy over me loll,” one viewer wrote.

“That’s how I expect my man to secure my cup,” another said.

Others claimed the cups are so overhyped that they are now uncool.

“I’m embarrassed to even carry mine now. I started buying them like 3 years ago. I am more than likely going to sell the 7 I do have,” one user commented.

“I don’t [bring] mine places anymore, it stays in my car or house bc it’s so embarrassing,” one said.

“The funny thing is I have heard the ‘cool girls’ have moved on to another brand of cup since so many people have these now,” another claimed.

Some users speculated this new brand is Owala, which tracks with some of the TikToks we’ve seen.

@nesssapadilla TRUST ME when I say the Stanleys aint even all that I have 2 and it could never compare to my ✨OWALA✨ 🥹🎀 #owala #love #happy #water #stanleycup #nofighting #hydrated ♬ original sound – nickifavorite
@juliesplans #stitch with @Victoria Robino This is why the rest of the world laughs at us. Owala and stanley are better IMO #owalawaterbottle #owala #stanleyquencher ♬ original sound – Julie’s Plans
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*First Published: Jan 4, 2024, 4:00 pm CST