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‘It’s literally been empty for a few days now’: Starbucks barista says pro-Palestine boycott is taking effect

‘I refuse to go back now.’


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A TikTok user and (soon-to-be-ex) Starbucks barista says the pro-Palestine boycott is taking effect and urges customers participating to keep at it.

Palestine supporters have recently called for boycotts of Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Disney Plus, which have provided support to the Israeli government and military. Starbucks is also currently in a legal standoff with Starbucks Workers United, which it sued over a “Solidarity with Palestine” message posted to the group’s social media.

TikTok user and Starbucks barista Ambrose (@ambrose_darling) posted a video encouraging the pro-Palestine boycott of Starbucks on Oct. 23, which has since amassed 650,000 views and more than 4,800 comments.

In the video, Ambrose says, “As a barista at Starbucks (I have turned in my notice), in the past, I want to say two, maybe three, days now, there has been a significant decline in customers and orders that are coming in and being placed. I want to say a solid third of the usual amount of people that we get coming in are no longer showing up. And I’m talking these are the type of people you see literally every day, ordering all the time—they are not coming in.”

Ambrose concludes: “Boycotts work. Keep it going. It works. I know, oftentimes, especially living in the United States, being far away from the situation at hand, it seems like nothing we do on the other side of the world is working. This is working. You have to keep doing.”

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Ambrose captioned the video with a Palestinian flag. In the comments section, viewers voiced support for the boycott and shared updates about the crowds—or lack thereof—at their local Starbucks stores.

“Starbucks barista here, put in my notice too!!” wrote one user.

“As a local business barista, i’ve noticed it’s been busier for us!!” a second user wrote.

Another user thanked Ambrose for the encouragement, writing, “this made me emotional. Thank you for sharing.”

“As someone who does DoorDash, I’m not even getting delivery orders for Starbucks and I usually get 3 in one day. It’s crazy how that works!” wrote one user.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ambrose via TikTok direct message and Starbucks via email for comment.

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