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‘As an ex-Starbucks employee, all of this is accurate’: Woman prints binder training guide to learn how to make Starbucks drinks at home

'I'm currently printing this whole thing.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Aug 7, 2023

Some people are obsessed with Starbucks. While some criticize the chain for their working conditions and apparent anti-unionization efforts, others simply can’t get enough of their sweet coffee creations.

A few customers are so obsessed, in fact, that they’ve figured out ways to recreate Starbucks drinks at home. 

One such person is TikTok user Cosette (@cosettecutie). This TikToker went viral last year after creating a “mini Starbucks” in her home in order to better recreate drinks. Now, she’s gone viral again after claiming that she’s printed out her own version of the training manual to better represent the Starbucks drink making process.

In a video with over 2.3 million views, Cosette writes, “when you’re literally insane so you print yourself a starbucks barista training guide so you can learn how to make literally any Starbucks drink you want at home.”

Although outdated training guides for Starbucks can be found online, the document that Cosette printed is not an official guide produced by Starbucks for how drinks should be made.

The primary guide appears to be a creation from a former Starbucks barista named Kara Fedrigon, who initially posted the series on Reddit. These were then supplemented by additional resources and posted by Fedrigon to Google Drive.

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Regardless of their origin, commenters seemed thankful to Cosette for providing them with the resources to make Starbucks drinks themselves.

“As an ex starbucks employee, all of this is accurate,” wrote a user. “I’m gonna need to print this so I don’t forget it down the line.”

“I’m currently printing this whole thing to put with my coffee maker,” shared another.

“As someone who works at Starbucks it’s correct but I’ve never seen this a day in my life, very useful!” detailed a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Cosette via email.

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*First Published: Aug 7, 2023, 2:28 pm CDT