HVAC expert dines at Olive Garden. Then he pulls out his thermometer

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‘I need to talk to the manager’: HVAC expert dines at Olive Garden. Then he pulls out his thermometer

‘He better not go to my place of work.’


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One HVAC worker’s TikTok has tapped into an all-too-relatable consequence of spending time with someone who is totally consumed with their work.

Casey (@caseyc650) posted a viral clip that’s garnered over 584,000 views as of Friday.

It shows him out for a meal at the Olive Garden where he just had to test the temperature in the establishment. Other users on the app said that they could relate, while some wanted to share their own thoughts on the restaurant’s climate.

“HVAC guy at Olive Garden be like,” a text overlay in the video reads, which shows a man in a cap sitting at a table who notices a thermostat in the restaurant.

“No, no, no, don’t do it,” the woman recording the video states as he takes a thermometer out to test the temperature in the room. He looks down at the device and it’s clear that he does not like what he sees.

“75 degrees in Olive Garden…I need to talk to the manager,” he states before looking around the room.

“Thermostat says 68,” he remarks before showing off both an electric and analog thermostat to the camera. As the video progresses, he seems to capture the attention of someone off-screen, who he begins to address regarding the temperature: “Sir —” he says, as the video cuts out.

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Casey has uploaded other HVAC-related content on his TikTok account, much of it is rooted in air-conditioning-themed comedy.

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While the person recording Casey didn’t seem too thrilled with the prospect of him judging the temperature in the restaurant, one viewer remarked that there were probably more than a few employees who were stoked that he decided to say something.

“BUT the employees appreciate him speaking up tho!” one wrote.

Another user appeared to relate to Casey’s video, writing, “Gonna pull out the laser thermometer and point at the air register.”

One TikToker joked that Casey should’ve charged Olive Garden for monitoring their temperature for them.

“Gotta Upcharge on this because your out on a Saturday for starters so that’s already $1,500 UPCHARGE,” they said.

But others said this type of behavior is indicative of those who work in specific industries is a constant frame of mind.

“I can’t take my guy anywhere without him trying to look into the kitchen ( he used to be a chef) and taking about their HVAC system (what he currently does for work). We can’t take these men anywhere,” one person wrote.

Another seemingly confirmed this type of behavior, writing, “lol fax when I used to be an apprentice, I loved going into places like chipotle and stuff and looking at the ductwork.”

But there was a former employee of the restaurant who would agree with Casey.

“When I worked at Olive Garden the guests were SWEATING and they still refused to turn the ac on. I was literally dripping,” they said.

The News also published a piece where the outlet questioned several other HVAC technicians and what they usually keep with them in their everyday carry bags for service calls. While the bags featured in the article were way beefier than the one Casey showed off in his video, the TikToker does show a larger bag that seems to be similarly outfitted to the ones featured in the article.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Casey and the Olive Garden via email for further comment.

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