person peeling sticker off of Starbucks cup with caption ''Honey, what are those stickers on the fridge' (l) Starbucks bag with caption ''Honey, what are those stickers on the fridge' (c) hand placing sticker on top of stack on fridge with caption ''Honey, what are those stickers on the fridge' (r)


‘Tell me you are rich without telling me you are rich’: Starbucks customer keeps every sticker from her delivered drinks. It’s a lot

'Y'all out here acting like I'm spending YOUR money.'


Phil West


Posted on Mar 26, 2023

A TikToker showed off an impressive stack of stickers on her fridge—revealing how many Starbucks drinks she had purchased over time—leading a number of commenters to be rubbed the wrong way by what they felt was a bougie display.

The video comes courtesy of creator T (@fakery.unlisted), and getting an astounding count of more than 4.6 million views since putting the eight-second video up on TikTok on Mar. 10. In it, the creator pulls a Starbucks drink with a domed lid out of a bag, pulls off a white sticker on top of the lid, and adds it to an impressive stack of stickers on the side of a fridge.

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That answers the question in the on-screen caption — “Honey, what are those stickers on the fridge?” — but raised other questions for commenters.

First, people were wondering what the drink of choice was, and T revealed it was an Iced White Mocha Breve with Hazelnut, which we’ll grant is a bougie-sounding drink order.

But some viewers appeared upset by the apparent flaunting of Starbucks ordering in the video.

“$1,000 in Starbucks,” guessed one.

“No, brand new car,” said another, estimating the creator’s investment in fancy coffee drinks went far deeper.

“Looks to me like a visual indicator of addiction,” one commenter accused.

“Tell me you are rich without telling me you are rich,” sniffed another.

But, with that comment, several other commenters offered explanations.

“Priorities,” one assessed simply.

“I do this,” another confessed. “And I’m not rich; I’m just pregnant.”

“Literally, my dad gives me 25 dollars a week for food,” yet another chimed in. “And it only goes to coffee.”

Others faulted the creator for ordering Starbucks to be delivered.

“Getting Starbucks delivered is wild,” one observed.

Another fretted, “I don’t get why people order Starbucks through delivery. By the time you get it, it’s prolly all melted and gross.”

The creator, assuring that commenter that Uber One’s got her, didn’t respond to many of the individual comments, but had one blanket statement that summed up her view incisively.

“Y’all out here acting like I’m spending YOUR money,” she observed in a comment.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Mar 26, 2023, 9:35 am CDT