Starbucks worker says customer asked for ‘iced brown sugar shaken espresso’ hot

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‘So that’s actually an iced based beverage’: Starbucks worker says customer asked for ‘iced brown sugar shaken espresso’ hot

‘I can’t violate the laws of thermodynamics for you madam.’


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Starbucks employees have long shared strange or sometimes impossible requests from customers on TikTok for the viewing pleasure of other baristas, and the education of folks who might not be aware of exactly what they are asking their baristas to do.

From asking for drinks to be made upside down, to keeping their windshield wipers on during a storm at the drive-thru, baristas have politely informed customers that sometimes they ask for and do things that do not make a whole lot of sense.

The latest Starbucks barista to do so pointed out that if customers ask for an iced beverage that is fundamentally changed by removing the ice to be made hot, they might be disappointed. Posted by user @ellabobae, the video has resonated with other baristas who have fielded similar requests.

“When you tell them you can’t make an ‘iced brown sugar shaken espresso’ hot,” a text overlay on the video reads.

@ellabobae I spread love to customers everyday❤️✊ #starbucks #barista #sad #mad #pumpkinspice #psl ♬ original sound – skinnyfat

The video is set to an audio of YouTuber HRH Collection saying, “Little piece of sh*t, little barista beta f*ck. You’re going to f*ck with my drink? What kind of masterpiece of shit are you? Little f*cking spawn of satan crap.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @ellabobae regarding the video via a comment on the video, as well as to Starbucks directly via email.

Several viewers mocked the hypothetical customer asking for the beverage, which requires ice in order to be shaken, to be made hot.

“People have been asking me in drive if I can make them an iced HONEY CITRUS MINT AND HAVE THE AUDACITY TO BE MAD I SAY NO,” one commenter wrote.

“BUt tHeY dO iT fOr mE At tHe OtHeR StArbuCkS,” another mocked.

“And when you type it in as a LATTE for it to be HOT they complain about the price,” a further user said.

Some viewers elaborated on why making the iced shaken espresso beverage into a hot latte is not a one-to-one conversion.

“Lattes and shaken espressos are completely different drinks, [in] fact more people know what lattes are then shaken espressos haha,” one commenter wrote.

“Omggg so I did shake it hot and it popped off on me and I got burnt but we I would sell my soul for Starbucks I was fine and got a $20 tip,” another commented.

“Like yes i know we can make it as latte the issue is the customers will argue that there’s some secret way to have it shaken still,” a third viewer claimed.

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