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‘And they keep the windshield wipers on too’: Starbucks drive-thru barista works during raging thunderstorm. Customers are still pulling up to the window

‘Tell me why we had 12 people waiting in target drive up during a tropical storm.’


Brooke Sjoberg


Several Starbucks workers who man the drive-thru have created videos to try to deter customers from dropping by during harsh weather conditions—or at least to be courteous when doing so.

Despite how viral these videos have gone, it appears they didn’t reach every person in their targeted audiences. On July 3, TikToker @alyssaangelicx shared that customers continue to order via the drive-thru “rain or shine” by showcasing what it’s like to work the drive-thru in the former.

In the video, which was viewed 179,000 times, an employee at the window interacts with a customer as a storm rages, blowing in rain through the window’s opening and filling the outdoor tip jar with water. The employee wipes water off their face. The video is set to an audio of a man shouting “Katrina” with a loud thunder crack.

@alyssaangelicx Rain or shine yall 🤠 #starbucks #tobeapartner #baristaproblems ♬ HERE COMES THE hURRICANE LEGENDARY KATRINA – Kevin Jz Prodigy

Many viewers shared they regularly had such experiences with customers stopping by the drive thru window during bad weather.

“iI could be a slow day but once that thunder starts we’re wrapped,” one commenter wrote.

“Tell me why we had 12 people waiting in target drive up during a tropical storm,” a second said.

“No bc one time i opened the window and got blasted by snow bc it was a blizzard and the guy laughed,” a third remarked.

The chief complaint among viewers was the folks who came through the drive-thru line and kept their windshield wipers on while they were being served at the window.

“This was me except someone put their wind shield wipers on full blast and SWIPED WATER DIRECTLY ONTO ME,” one wrote.

“And i’m telling you right now, NO ONE turns off their wipers,” a second echoed. “NO ONE.”

“And they ALWAYS leave their windshield wipers on when they for once don’t I make sure to point it out and thank them for it lol,” a third complained.

TikToker Stacey (@pooletown73) went viral for this same complaint in April. While Stacey indicated that he took no issue with customers who order via the drive-thru in inclement weather, he reminded them to turn their windshield wipers off. According to his comments section, it appears that this is something many customers never even thought to do unless they have experience in the industry.

“Omg i always tell my bf to turn off the wipers bc it was so annoying when i worked drive thru,” aone of Stacey’s viewers said at the time. “You would be shocked how many ppl have no idea.”

Customers who seemingly never worked in the industry backed this up.

“OMG I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THIS IM SO SORRY,” one said, with another echoing, “I never thought of this. I will from now on.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @alyssaangelicx via comment on the video, as well as to Starbucks via email regarding the video.

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