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‘I have 2 weeks left…everything is a nightmare’: Barista working in a ‘busy, short-staffed’ Starbucks warns against working for the company

“I got so tired of being the only person on the floor for hours on end.”


Adrienne Hunter


A London Starbucks manager warned viewers not to work at the popular coffee chain after an understaffed shift.

In a video posted on Wednesday with 42,000 views, “Charlotte” explained that she nearly walked out due to short staffing. She’s says she’s planning to quit soon.

“If you work at Starbucks or are thinking about working at Starbucks… don’t,” said Charlotte at the top of the video, which she’s recently made private.

Charlotte explained that while she only has two weeks left, she is only working with “two staff that aren’t very strong and a trainee” and is “not getting a break” as a result. 

“Everything is a nightmare. Busy, short staffed,” she said. “Basically, this is your sign to either quit or this is your sign that you do not accept the job.” 

Regarding her recent video warning viewers not to work at Starbucks, many commenters echoed her sentiments. 

“I put in my two weeks and then quit effective immediately one shift later because I was so miserable,” commented one user.

“I would quit if I didn’t need the money,” another added.

“I got so tired of being the only person on the floor for hours on end, we ended up unionizing our store,” claimed a third.

Some users had a different perspective. “So sad partners have this experience because I absolutely love my store and team!”

On March 22, Charlotte posted a similar video, with 4.5 million views, that criticized the reality of a Starbucks managerial promotion. “When you accept the manager job for more money and less shifts but now you live at work, customers are even more rude and never have a day off,” she wrote in the video.

Charlotte declined comment. We’ve reached out to Starbucks.

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