Woman calls out fans who bought handicapped SeatGeek tickets to game

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‘I know with 100% certainty that these people did this on purpose’: Woman calls out fans who bought handicapped SeatGeek tickets to game

‘There’s no way they did this on accident’


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Posted on Jan 27, 2024   Updated on Jan 27, 2024, 3:15 pm CST

A woman went viral on TikTok after lacing into an able-bodied hockey fan who she said purposefully bought ADA accessible tickets

“I did some research and here’s how I know with 100% certainty that these people did this on purpose,” said Andra Berghoff (@hopeyoufindyourdad), who stitched the fans’ original TikTok. In her clip, Berghoff said the perpetrators should be “banned” from future NHL games. 

The fan in question, Meg Bitchell (@megitchell), whose TikTok account is now private, apparently went to a hockey game and purchased seats in a handicapped accessible area. Berghoff said that Bitchell, who claims she didn’t know the seats were there to accommodate wheelchairs, made “tons of inappropriate jokes” and blocked “everyone who tries to speak up about it.”

“I’m speaking about this as a person who has many hidden disabilities,” Berghoff said. “Here’s how I know there’s no way they wouldn’t have known.”

Firstly, Berghoff said that Bitchell filmed TikTok videos “laughing” after finding out the seats were ADA accessible ones. She also called out Bitchell for not yet issuing an apology. Lastly, on SeatGeek, where Bitchell bought her tickets, Berghoff said that fans can easily see what kind of seats they’re purchasing. 

“You can see very clearly here… it says these are handicap accessible tickets,” said Berghoff, who pulled up SeatGeek’s website. “It tells you these are ADA accessible seats.”

In the end, Berghoff said she wasn’t mad that Bitchell and her friends took the ACA accessible seats. She was, however, upset at Bitchell’s lack of apology and accountability. As of Saturday morning, her clip had amassed over 1.8 million views.

@hopeyoufindyourdad @meg bitchell you most definitely knew that these were ADA accessible seats for people who need accommodations. Even if you didn’t when buying the ticket you made videos about it #hockey #nhl #accessibility #disabilityawareness #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Andra

“Someone hand me my attorney’s license because this is a case closed for me,” Berghoff said.

Viewers largely agreed with Berghoff’s takeaways and said there’s “no way” Bitchell was unaware.

“My partner has always had to call arenas to make sure they get the accessible seats,” one person wrote. “There’s no way they did this on accident.”

“The fact that her account is now private speaks volumes,” another said. 

“I remember seeing that and I was like ???? this seems so wrong ???” a third viewer commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Berghoff via TikTok comment and to SeatGeek by email.

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*First Published: Jan 27, 2024, 8:00 pm CST