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‘I bet the same people saying $20 is expensive will drop $3 on one at Starbucks’: Shopper shares the Halloween treat she renewed her Sam’s Club membership for

‘Everybody was saying that $20 was expensive.’


Sarah Conklin


A TikToker says she renewed her Sam’s Club membership, which reportedly now starts at $50, just for one item. 

TikToker @momingthisshiz, who often creates content about shopping finds and mom hacks, shared in a video that’s been viewed 1 million times that she saw Halloween-themed cake balls at Sam’s Club on TikTok. “And I had to have them,” she said before addressing criticisms of the cost, which is $19.98. 

“Everybody was saying that $20 was expensive, but think of them as 24 cake pops, and that makes them less than $1 a piece,” the content creator, who has over 205,000 followers, said. 

The platter consists of 12 cake balls decorated as purple monsters and 12 decorated as mummies. 

@momingthisshiz @Sam’s Club will there be themed ones for all holidays?! 👀 #halloween #cakeballs #samsclubmusthaves #samsclubfinds #shopping #shoppingfinds #cakepops #momhack #halloweentreats ♬ we fell in love in october – girl in red

Cake pops exploded in popularity around 2011. The new-spin on cake was invented by blogger Angie Dudley, aka Bakerella, in 2008. “When I first made the cake pops, I was so excited by how they turned out. I wanted others to see them too because I thought they were so cute and I just knew they would make people smile,” Dudley penned in a blog post in 2012

Chains like Starbucks started carrying the pops just a few years later. Today, a classic birthday cake pop will cost you around $3.75 at Starbucks. 

Others agreed the Sam’s Club cake balls were a bargain.

“Dude the cake bites at my coffee shop at 2 for 5.50 $20 is nothing,” one said.

“I bet the same people saying $20 is expensive will drop $3 on one at Starbucks” another user commented. 

“I am a bakery owner and charge per 3.50 cake pop, so this tray of  24 would have been $84,” one viewer shared. By that math @momingthisshiz saved $64 on her cake pop purchase. 

A few argued the Sam’s Club cake pops weren’t worth it to them.

“I make cake pops.I will always choose homemade over store bought but you do you,” one said. 

“Anytime my husband wants a cake pop from Starbucks I just go buy a cake mix and icing to make them at home,” another wrote. 

Skeptics aside, @momingthisshiz was pleased with her decision. “I took one home and they are so moist and delicious,” she wrote. 

Customers shared that they have stumbled upon different versions of the cake pops at their local Sam’s Clubs.

“They had some pumpkin spice ones that looked like pumpkins a couple of weeks ago at my Sam’s club! They were bomb!!” one said. 

“I love the egg ones around Easter,” another shared. 

It’s true. Sam’s Club reportedly releases these different versions of the cake pops. 

The Daily Dot reached out to @momingthisshiz via TikTok.

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