Sam's Club customer buys viral $20 cookies

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‘I got these for my birthday and they were so good’: Viewers defend Sam’s Club customer after buying viral $20 cookies

‘I got them and ate the whole pack by myself.’


Beau Paul


There are a lot of options out there when it comes to getting your hands on a good cookie. You could go upscale at Crumbl, go north for Tim Horton’s, or even bake your own. But you might overlook an inexpensive—and even delicious—option: your local Sam’s Club.

Content creator Brittany (@brittbratt305) has an eye for a good meal deal. Back in July, for example, she went viral after pointing out that Arby’s loaded fries are actually pretty good (and affordable). But another food item caught Brittany’s eye recently, too: an inexpensive variety pack of cookies available at Sam’s Club.

“I finally got the sams club cookies,” she wrote in the text overlay.

@brittbratt305 @Sam’s Club #samsclub ♬ original sound – Brittany

In the short video, Brittany showed viewers the variety pack, which came with five different flavors. As of Monday evening, Brittany’s video on her sweets haul had over 27,200 views.

“Y’all these cookies was twenty dollars,” she said. “Look at the flavors. They better be good because if they ain’t, I’m probably just gonna cry.”

Most of Brittany’s viewers, however, gave her selection a thumbs up.

“I got these for my birthday and they were so good,” one user shared. 

“My manager brought us some !!” another said. “def worth the lil 20$.”

“I got them and ate the whole pack by myself,” a third viewer wrote. To this comment, Brittany replied: “Don’t feel bad sis.”

Unfortunately, the seasonal assortment is not available online, but it may be available at select stores. The Daily Dot has reached out to Sam’s Club via email for comment.

The cookies did pass Brittany’s taste test, however. In response to another user’s comment, she said that they were “good asf.” The Daily Dot has reached out to Brittany via TikTok comment.

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