Mechanics weigh in on Toyota Highlander vs Honda Pilot debate

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‘Big, fast and fun! 10/10’: Mechanics settle the Toyota Highlander vs. Honda Pilot debate

‘Which would you choose?'


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Posted on May 11, 2024   Updated on May 11, 2024, 7:08 am CDT

Accurate Automotive (@accurateautoinc), a Colorado-based auto repair shop, posted a viral TikTok of mechanics deciding whether a Toyota Highlander or a Honda Pilot is the better purchase. 

Accurate Automotive has reached over 491,000 views and 12,000 likes on their video by Friday. They captioned their video asking viewers, “Toyota Highlander or Honda Pilot, which would you choose?”

To start the video, the person recording asks one of the Accurate Automotive mechanics whether he would choose to buy a Toyota Highlander or a Honda Pilot. 

Toyota Highlander vs. Honda Pilot: Mechanics weigh in

The Toyota Highlander and the Honda Pilot are comparable because they are “two of the most popular three-row SUVs on the market,” U.S. News states. The site adds that both vehicles “offer smooth performance, decent towing capability, ample passenger and cargo room, comfortable seating and plenty of tech and safety features.”

“Toyota Highlander,” the first mechanic answers. To give more context, he says that when doing standard services, “You see those go upwards of like 250,000 [miles].” He says that this is the “same thing with the Honda,” but overall, he leans more toward Toyota. 

Next, the person recording approaches another mechanic named Mike. He says, “Let’s see what Mike would choose.”

“Toyota,” Mike responds immediately. “All the way?” the man recording asks. Mike responds with a quick and confident, “Yep.”

The next mechanic to be asked had a different answer. “Honda Pilot,” he said point-blank, giving no explanation. 

Lastly, one more mechanic, Jacob, is asked what their preference is. Jacob responds saying, “Probably Toyota Highlander.” He says his reasoning is because, “I just think they’re better.” 

“They’re both good,” Jacob adds, “but Highlander is better.”

A few viewers in the comment section disagree with the majority vote being in favor of the Toyota Highlander. 

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“My Honda Pilot is 21 years old, 221,000 miles still going,” one comment says.

Another adds, “Honda Pilot! Big, fast and fun! 10/10.”

However a few still agree with Accurate Automotive. One says, “The answer is Toyota… The answer is ALWAYS Toyota!”

According to Kelly Blue Book, a 2024 Toyota Highlander is listed at a starting price of $40,665, and a Honda Pilot is listed at a starting price of $38,485. Both vehicles have a basic warranty of 3 years/36,000 miles. A Toyota Highlander uses a 2.4-liter turbo 4-cylinder engine, while a Honda Pilot uses 3.5-liter 6-cylinder.

The Daily Dot reached out to Accurate Automotive (@accurateautoinc) via email. 

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*First Published: May 11, 2024, 9:00 am CDT