Arby's customer hails new $5 loaded chicken bacon ranch fries

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‘Who be eating at Arby’s?’: Arby’s customer defends new $5 loaded chicken bacon ranch fries

‘I swear I used to say the same thing until I actually went.’


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Hating on Arby’s is probably more American than apple pie at this point. The nearly 60-year-old sandwich chain is as famous for being the butt of late-night television jokes as it is for its “We have the meats” slogan. But that hate isn’t gonna stop the fans from enjoying those meats—especially when they only cost a five spot.

In a video posted Sunday that now has almost half a million views, TikToker Brittany (@brittbratt305) proclaimed her love for the often-made-fun-of chain. “I love saying ‘Who be eating at Arby’s?’ B*tch it’s me,” she announces as the video starts.

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She then displays her score, Arby’s new Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries featuring a container filled with the chain’s signature crinkle-cut fries, diced chicken nuggets, chopped bacon, cheddar cheese sauce, and parmesan peppercorn ranch.

“This was only $5,” she says. (That’s true.)

“They trying to be sassy but I ain’t mad at it,” she continues. The Daily Dot has reached out to Brittany via TikTok for further comment.

The video brought an outpouring of support from Arby fans. “I love Arby’s!! Those lil buffalo chicken sliders are my fav snacks,” Tee (@gawgeousguht) commented.

“I swear I used to say the same thing until I actually went,” another said in response to “Who be eating at Arby’s.”

“I love me some curly fries with Arby’s sauce,” another wrote.

Some commenters admitted that they kept their love for Arby’s on the down low, like the user who wrote, “I gotta go after hours so no one can see me trying this.”

They might be surprised at how popular the chain actually is. Although comedy institutions like Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live have used the chain as a punchline, Arby’s is “ranked No. 3 in the sandwich category behind Panera and Subway by QSR magazine” according to CNBC. It was ranked as the No. 2 sandwich chain behind Subway by Food & Wine in 2017.

So don’t feel bad about your love for Arby’s. Just lean in like Brittany.

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