Expert shares why you shouldn’t drink the water bottles on cruise lines like Carnival

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‘That’s y I always buy sparkling water’: Expert shares why you shouldn’t drink the water bottles on cruise lines like Carnival

'Just to save $4.50 per bottle?? That’s crazy.'


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Posted on May 10, 2024   Updated on May 10, 2024, 9:00 am CDT

Customers might book a variety of vacation experiences at resorts and on cruise liners expecting to be able to rely on amenities provided, from snacks and toiletries to other daily necessities they might need while far from home.

However, those provided necessities may not be entirely trustworthy due to the actions of previous guests, says one lawyer who specializes in cases related to stays on cruise ships.

In a video posted to TikTok by lawyer Spencer Aronfeld (@cruiseshiplawyer on TikTok), the legal expert addresses a video circulating online of a woman who is showing a “hack” to avoid being charged for water bottles while staying in a cabin on what he alleges is a Carnival cruise ship.

In this “hack,” which the legal expert condemns as “horrendous, dangerous” and “despicable,” the woman shows herself refilling emptied water bottles with tap water and sealing them with some kind of glue.

In response, the legal expert advises viewers to avoid the water bottles provided on a cruise ship and calls for her to be banned from the cruise line.

“Let’s file this one under ‘ban her for life,'” he says in the video. “…And now leaves them for the next passenger who’s going to open those bottles, drink out of probably a used bottle and put their mouth where Krazy glue was. This is not only horrendous and dangerous, it’s despicable.”

While it is possible that the video is a poorly thought-out prank, the poster encourages Carnival to find the woman and ban her from its line of cruise ships for the behavior in the video.

“She should be banned for life,” he says. “Assuming this actually happened and this isn’t some kind of prank that she’s putting out there, she’s going viral on the internet.”

He says Carnival can “easily identify this person with their facial recognition software” and says he hopes she gets caught.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Aronfeld and Carnival via email regarding the video.

While it is certainly not recommended to ingest Krazy glue and other similar Super Glue-like adhesives, the glue becomes inert and polymerizes, or firms up, when exposed to moisture. The most immediate risk from the use of this glue, per super glue manufacturer Aron Alpha, is from the fumes emitted before the glue has cured. As for the other concern expressed by Aronfeld, the tap water on cruise ships is potable and generally considered safe to drink unless authorities on the ship indicate otherwise.

That said—no one wants to drink after a stranger.

@cruiseshiplawyer Talk about a questionable TikTok trend… ban her for life, please 🛳️🚫 This woman's 'talent' of reusing water and sealing it with crazy glue is not only gross, but potentially dangerous 😷 Let's keep our sea cruises clean and safe! #banherforlife #waterthief #cruiseshipproblems #carnivalcruisescandal #tapwaterwoes #reusingbottles #questionablehealthrisk #gluesealed #hygienehazard #cruiselawyer ♬ original sound – Spencer Aronfeld

The video left many viewers disgusted, with some saying they were put off water bottles provided for them on cruise ships for good.

“Never even considered this could happen so now I will never drink them again,” one commenter wrote.

“Yeah this is gross,” another echoed. “Never drinking the complimentary waters again.”

“Wow,” one user said. “Taking note to get my water from bar only….”

Others were frustrated with the Carnival passenger shown in the video, who ostensibly was trying to avoid paying for the water bottles.

“The waters are not free,” one commenter wrote. “That’s why she did the video just show how to drink them and then cheat so you don’t get charged. Terrible.”

“Some people are just looking for trouble,” another commented. “Why will she do that?”

“Who would do this when you’re on a cruise?” a commenter wrote. “Don’t believe it.”

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*First Published: May 10, 2024, 1:00 pm CDT