Salon worker calls out customers who show up 40 minutes before open

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‘What’s even worse is they line up’: Salon worker calls out customers who show up 40 minutes before open

‘It should be mandatory for everyone to work in a service industry for at least a month.’


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One of the biggest pet peeves for many service industry workers is customers who show up before opening hours. Among these workers is TikTok user Trévon (@trevonwoodburyy), a tanning salon employee, who recently posted a TikTok video detailing several recurring issues with clients, including early arrivers. The video has since gone viral, accumulating 794,200 views and counting.

“You guys want to hear some things that annoy the sh*t out of me about my job?” Trévon begins, launching into a rant about the daily nuisances he faces. “For starters, I work at a tanning salon. I’ve worked here for a long time. Number one, the most annoying thing: I have to get here 40 minutes before we open to do paperwork and just to do the opening chores, which is fine. But every single morning, when I pull into the parking lot, there’s at least two to three cars waiting in the parking lot for us to open 40 minutes before we open. And then what’s even worse is they line up outside, and they pull on the door before we’re open, knowing what time we open. They do it every day, every single day.”

The video highlights a common gripe among service workers: customers who arrive well before business hours and expect immediate service. “I just think one of the most annoying things you can do as a customer is to be the first client of the day. The first customer of the day, like, that’s f*cking crazy and embarrassing, and like, you’re making everyone upset,” Trévon adds.

Trévon’s rant doesn’t stop at early arrivals. He goes on to describe other bizarre and frustrating encounters at the salon. “We have this annoying rule where we have to ask everybody to see their eyewear before they tan,” he says. “So, like, every time somebody comes in the tanning bed, ‘OK, can I see your eyewear?’ And they’ll say, ‘Yeah, it’s in my bag.’ And then I’m like, ‘OK, can I see it?’ And they’re like, ‘I don’t actually have it.’ OK, so buy some. Like, why would you lie? You made this awkward.”

He then shares several other annoying occurrences: clients struggling with scan cards, a crack pipe found behind a tanning bed, somebody leaving a bloody tampon behind the tanning bed, and even a customer who regularly peed on towels. The worst, he says, involved human feces: “Like two weeks ago, somebody pooped on the bed, and there was corn in the poop. I’m not joking. The acrylic smelled like poop for two days.”

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In the comments section of the video, viewers had a lot to say.

One commenter noted, “My sister worked in a tanning salon – people have been pooping in the trash cans forever. I just wanna know why.”

A second added, “It should be mandatory for everyone to work in a service industry for at least a month.”

Another commenter asked, “Are you filming this in the 40 minutes before you open with everyone in line at the door watching?” to which Trévon simply responded, “Yes.”

Early arrivers are a common topic of discussion for service industry workers on TikTok. Previously, a bartender uploaded a video showcasing how she deals with customers who try to enter the bar before opening hours. Similarly, a Best Buy customer shared his disapproval of other customers lining up before the store opened, highlighting the unnecessary stress it places on employees. In another instance, a worker posted a video ranting about customers who couldn’t wait a few minutes for her store to open, claiming some were pushing past the doors as soon as she flipped the open/closed sign.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Trévon via TikTok comment for more information.

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