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‘Are you paying this?’: Rounders in Alabama has $80 cover at the door during Crimson Tide game. It’s more common than you think

‘You got to get there before the game ends’


Grace Fowler


Rounders bar in Alabama has an $80 cover at the door during a Crimson Tide game, a student showed via TikTok, pointing at just how pricey the cover seems for college town.

The video, from user Terrence (@terrenceconcannon), has reached over 669,000 views on TikTok by Tuesday evening. Some viewers said they thought $80 is the standard cover price for a bar on game day.

@terrenceconcannon 80$ cover is WILD to drink at a college bar. #alabama #tide ♬ original sound – terrenceconcannon

In the video Terrence is standing outside the Rounders bar in Tuscaloosa. The Daily Dot reached out to Terrence via the TikTok comment section. 

“$80 for Rounders in Alabama is wild.” His wrote in his caption.

Odyssey conducted an interview on Alabama students to find out why there is so much “hype surrounding Rounders bar on the strip.” Most students think the bar’s main attraction is that it is 18 and up, and known as “the freshman bar.”  

Most of the viewers responded to Terrernce saying prices in their town are the same, if not more.

“It’s an $80 cover for ‘The Library’ in Oxford on game nights,” user @jpnassar80 said.

Another commenter, @thekidthatdid97, said, “$120 for the LSU game 2019.” 

Other viewers joke that they would never pay that much for a bar.

“Please, the way I get upset for $20 under 20,” viewer Alyssa (@alyssagabrielle_) said.

“And I thought $50 cover in Athens on a gameday last year was bad,” user kg (@user899534206222) said.

One fellow Alabama student, Kaleigh (@wizkaleighfa), told Terrence, “That’s why you got to get there before the game ends! We did it last year and only paid $30.” 

Under U.S. copyright law, businesses are allowed to broadcasts certain events, such as games, without the risk of being sued on copyright infringement. However, the establishment has to abide by certain stipulations to earn this exemption. It’s also possible certain establishments have a cover charge due to certain licenses they may have to obtain to show certain types of entertainment.

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