Rite Aid customer speaking with caption 'please run don't walk because I've literally saved myself about $300 today' (l) Rite Aid building with sign (c) Rite Aid customer speaking with caption 'and I scored both of them for seven dollars and forty nine cents' (r)

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‘Run don’t walk’: Customer says she saved $300 shopping at Rite Aid after they filed for bankruptcy

‘You can’t miss these deals.’


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Popular drugstore chain Rite Aid has declared bankruptcy. For those following the company’s financials, this shouldn’t come as a surprise; according to CNN, “Rite Aid is in much worse financial shape than its competitors. Over the past six years, Rite Aid has tallied nearly $3 billion in losses.”

As part of its bankruptcy plan, Rite Aid has announced the accelerated closure of almost 100 stores. While this is sad for the employees of the store, it can also lead to some incredible deals as the store tries to unload unsold inventory.

TikTok user Jasmine (@jasminereviews) recently noted this in a video with over 469,000 views in which she shows off some of the items she bought at Rite Aid—and some of the incredible discounts she scored in the process.

“If you have a Rite Aid near you, please run, don’t walk—because I’ve literally saved myself about $300 today,” she says in the video.

@jasminereviews Rite-Aid just filed for bankruptcy so if you have one near you see if they also have the clearance going on! #fyp #riteaid #haul #clearance ♬ original sound – JASMINE | REVIEWS & VLOGS

Over the course of the video, she showcases some of the many deals she got from shopping at Rite Aid. These include scents from Versace and Burberry as well as chocolate, gifts for friends and family, a variety of cosmetics, and more.

“If you have a Rite Aid, although it’s sad, please run, don’t walk, because you can’t miss these deals, especially if it’s stuff that you use daily,” Jasmine concludes.

Jasmine later posted a follow-up video showing more products she purchased from Rite Aid.

@jasminereviews PART TWO: Rite-Aid Haul ✨ •not all locations are like this right now! Google or call to see if your locations near you are closing down. #fyp #haul #riteaid ♬ original sound – JASMINE | REVIEWS & VLOGS

The TikToker reminds viewers that these deals cannot be found at every Rite Aid location. Usually, the biggest deals will be found at locations that are closing.

In the comments section, many users claimed that they had not found similar deals at their Rite Aid locations. In response, Jasmine said that users should try calling their specific location and seeing what deals they are offering. 

As for why viewers should hurry, Jasmine detailed in a comment that she, “went one day after the sales started and it was dang near cleared.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Jasmine and Rite Aid via email.

Update 12:10pm CT Oct. 19: In an email to the Daily Dot, Jasmine said that she’s been to “three different stores” since realizing how good the sales are.

“I got so many great deals, but my favorite were the perfumes!,” she wrote. “Today was another [visit], and scored on more Versace, Dior, and Coach perfumes.”

For those seeking the same deals, Jasmine has some advice.

“They can get the deals by looking up which locations are closing near them, and then from there on seeing which locations have the deals going on,” she stated. She also referenced another TikTok she just posted offering more information.

@jasminereviews Replying to @s #riteaid #haul #fyp ♬ original sound – JASMINE | REVIEWS & VLOGS
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