Server shares how restaurant runs without a manager after they 'rage quit' 8 weeks ago

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‘Not caring is fun’: Server shares how restaurant runs without a manager after they ‘rage quit’ 8 weeks ago

'that would prob get me fired'


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Posted on Nov 11, 2023   Updated on Nov 11, 2023, 11:17 am CST

Recently, a restaurant server and bartender shared that his manager “rage quit” without notice, leaving the establishment without a leader. Eight weeks later, the situation still hasn’t improved.

TikTok user Tim (@_tvb11) shares another story about how the staff forges ahead without a manager on duty. In this case, he reveals that a group of women left server Georgia a meager 3% tip on a $270 tab. Tim describes Georgia as “the sweetest person on the planet” and said he felt confident there hadn’t been a problem with her service.

“This girl Georgia. She’s, like, the sweetest person on the planet. I know for a fact she took such good care of that table,” he said. “They were there for, like, two and a half hours. She was getting them food, she sent them free appetizers or something. They were doing all of this stuff and they didn’t tip her.” After she received her “tip,” Georgia was upset, and, with no manager on duty, the staff didn’t know what to do. So Tim decided to take care of it.

The content creator says he approached the ladies and asked how the food was. “‘Oh, my god. It was great. It was fantastic,’” they told Tim. Next, he questioned them about any issues with the server because of the measly tip. This left three out of the four women shocked. But the fourth one was silent. Subsequently, they handed Tim $20 as a tip. Throughout the interaction, the fourth woman was “glaring” at him. When Tim walked away, the woman followed and confronted him.

“Excuse me, young man. I need to talk to you. How dare you do that?” she asked him angrily. “How dare you come out and embarrass me in front of my friends like that?’” However, the woman disregarded Tim’s explanations. Instead, she accused him of trying to make her “feel bad,” fearing her friends would think she was “stingy.” Tim retorted, “You’re friends don’t think you’re stingy. They know you’re stingy.” Appalled, the woman called him rude and and left.

He expressed his nonchalance in the caption, “not caring is fun justice for georgia tho.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Tim via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. The video racked up over 549,000 views where viewers agreed with Tim.

“Auto gratuity at 20% for parties of 6 or more, tabs larger that $150(or whatever your bar decides) and tabs left open at the end of the night,” one viewer wrote.

“Oooo Yas! Ngl I put it on the menu that parties of 6 or more have an auto gratuity of 18% on top of whatever they tip, so that the server gets paid,” a second commented.

On the other hand, plenty of viewers disagreed.

“As somebody working in a restaurant in the Netherlands I [cannot] believe asking what was wrong just bc a 3% tip, that would prob get me fired,” one user said.

“I’m over tipping culture. ur not entitled, it’s a tip. people should tip well, but I’d they don’t this is not how they should be treated,” a second stated.

Even one viewer revealed what happened after doing this, “i tried this once and got a ‘I HAD A BUDGET TO KEEP TO’ and lost the client (service job but not a server).”

Previously, servers have confronted lousy tippers. Server Kat went viral for sharing how she does this. In addition, she would ask customers if there was a way to improve her service. Another user named Kenz “jokingly” reprimanded customers who didn’t tip her co-workers.

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*First Published: Nov 11, 2023, 12:00 pm CST