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‘I had a job try to tell me I was denied to attend my own wedding’: Worker says you should no longer ‘request off’ from job

'They act like we don't have lives.'


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Posted on Jan 7, 2024   Updated on Jan 7, 2024, 1:27 am CST

In a trending TikTok video that has garnered over 185,000 views, user @rawcritix humorously yet assertively critiques the traditional workday request-off system many employees navigate. The 2:33-minute-long video serves as both a rant and a piece of advice for workers frustrated by the seemingly arbitrary nature of approved time off.

The user begins with a bold declaration, “I need every single job to realize that if I request off a day, OK, I’m not asking to have that day off, I’m telling you I’m not gonna be there.” This statement sets the tone for the entire video, emphasizing the user’s belief that when employees request time off, it’s not merely a suggestion but a notice of unavailability.

The narrator sarcastically addresses the common employer practice of treating time-off requests as mere suggestions, “The fact that they think that I’m going to request it of you and ask you to have that day off is [expletive] laughable to me.” The frustration is palpable as he notes the “fine print” often found on request-off sheets, which typically remind employees that the request is not guaranteed.

The video continues with a clever workaround for employers denying these requests, “All you gotta do is call out sick.” The user explains that by mentioning symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea, employers are less likely to question the absence due to the potential for severe health code violations. The user’s advice highlights this, “But if you call in and instead of saying, ‘Hey, I’m not feeling well,’ all you gotta do is tell them that you threw up.”

This statement is partly true, at least in food service, as the Centers for Disease Control has guidelines on handling sick employees. However, any other recommendations or guidance would depend on the type of workplace and state and local law.

@rawcritix’s video taps into a common sentiment among many workers—a desire for greater autonomy and respect in managing personal time. He mockingly suggests that the term “request off” should be replaced with something more accurate like “day off list,” illustrating the perceived disconnect between employer policies and employee needs.

Others had comical comments or wild anecdotes, including one commenter saying, “PTO= prepare the others. I ain’t coming that day.”

Another person claimed, “I had a job try to tell me I was denied to attend my own wedding.” Someone replied, “This literally just happened to me. Was told I could get it off if I worked the morning after. Umm no.”

The original commenter replied, pointing to part of the crux of the matter: “That’s what I’m saying, they act like we don’t have lives. I told them I’m taking a couple of days, and whether they pay me or not, I don’t care, lol.”

Some are rather savage in their requests.

“Every time I hand in a PTO request,” said one commenter, “I tell my boss that I won’t be here regardless of approval.” 

But a manager detailed the flipside: “As a manager, I try to honor all requests off, it’s how you keep employees. That being said… still running a business, still need a staff on duty.”


Like bro straight up I’m not coming in…

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The video concludes with a note of solidarity and empowerment to fellow workers, “And to all my faithful and hardworking employees out there, if your boss denies your request for a day off, just call him, tell him you got the sh*ts, and you got the day off anyway. The more you know.”

This TikTok serves as a vent for common workplace grievances and a humorous guide for navigating the inflexible systems that govern many employees’ lives. As the video continues to resonate with viewers, it underscores the ongoing conversation about work-life balance and the importance of personal time in maintaining a healthy work environment.

The Daily Dot has contacted @rawcritix via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jan 7, 2024, 3:00 am CST