man repossessing car while AutoZone worker is upset in the background (l) AutoZone building with sign (c) AutoZone worker upset in parking lot next to man repossessing his car (r)

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‘Nah, emoting in his face mid repo is such a high level of disrespect’: AutoZone worker’s car repossessed while they are on lunch break

'Bro enjoy his job a little too much.'


Phil West


Posted on May 18, 2023

AutoZone became a No Auto Zone for one unfortunate worker whose car was repossessed at one of the auto parts chain store’s Atlanta-area locations.

A creator known as the Repo Reaper (@only1reporeaper), who makes videos of himself repossessing cars, captured the imagination of many TikTok viewers with a video that he uploaded to the platform. The clip has generated more than 11.1 million views since. As the Atlanta-based TikToker/repo man explains in the caption, “I just repo AutoZone worker car while on lunch break.”

The text overlay said even more. “He tried to make tuff ball wit me; it’s not my fault, I’m just doing my job.”

In the video, which runs about a minute, the creator punctuates his routine — which includes attaching a winch to the car and pulling it onto a truck platform — with some dance moves and pushups.

@only1reporeaper I just repo AutoZone worker car while on lunch break #t#thereporeaperr#repomanf#fypv#viralvideot#tiktokt#trendingt#towlifec#carnoteb#bagsecuredc#crazymana#autozonec#chevymalibu ♬ SHAKE SUMN – DaBaby

The person losing his car looks understandably upset as his vehicle gets repossessed. He gets on the phone midway through the video, while DaBaby’s “Shake Sumn” plays over the scene.

The video delighted viewers and the comments poured in.

“Emoting mid repo is crazy,” said one.

“Nah, emoting in his face mid repo is such a high level of disrespect,” another chimed in.

At least one commented on the set up of the video, saying, “Imagine seeing the repo dude set up his phone while repoing your car.”

One person, enticed by the possibility of going viral as his own vehicle gets repossessed, quipped, “I’m finna stop paying my car so i can be in one of these.”

Other videos on the channel fit the same mold as this one, which led one viewer to observe, “Bro enjoy his job a little too much.”

The Repo Reaper, who also markets his own shirts on TikTok with the slogan, “Lord, watch over me while I get this money,” has at least one fan who sees something bigger on the horizon for him.

“U need ur own repo reality show,” they said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: May 18, 2023, 12:54 pm CDT