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‘The bisexual to lesbian pipeline is so real’: Reneé Rapp fans are rejoicing about her confirming she’s a lesbian. Did she really come out?

'Our little lesbian intern, Reneé.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Jan 23, 2024   Updated on Jan 23, 2024, 9:20 am CST

Internet sweetheart Reneé Rapp has dropped some pretty obvious comments about being a lesbian, and fans are living for the alleged revelation.

Rapp, who plays the iconic Regina George in the new Mean Girls movie musical, has delighted viewers on her press tour with her refreshing candor. Rapp seems to say whatever is on her mind—she said that definitely has to do with her ADHD—and people are loving the authenticity and slight chaos she brings to interviews.

You just never know what Rapp might say, and it seems she’s now telling the public—on national TV as well as on her own social media accounts—that she’s a lesbian.

Now, Rapp has been a bisexual heartthrob for some time, so her being part of the queer community isn’t new. Just two months ago, in a Late Night With Seth Meyers interview, Rapp referred to herself as bisexual.

“If no one was aware. I never talk about it or bring it up,” she said sarcastically since it was well-known by that point in her stardom.

In an interview with Andy Cohen, she described being a “starfish straight” (a straight person who unenthusiastically lays on a bed like a starfish during sex, waiting for it to be over) before she’d come out as queer. She seemed to be saying that she didn’t find sex with men to be enjoyable.

Throughout the Mean Girls press tour, Rapp continued to drop hints that men may no longer be for her. In one, she revealed that she’d recently looked up the “Lesbian Masterdoc,” a 30-page PDF that helps people (through lots of self-reflection) figure out if they’re a lesbian.

It all culminated with her guest starring on Saturday Night Live.

While playing herself in a skit, host Jacob Elordi and comedian Bowen Yang referred to Rapp (again, who is playing herself) as “our little lesbian intern, Reneé.”

Plus, she posted an SNL-related pic on her Instagram Story of herself and Cara Delevingne dressed in black holding Megan Thee Stallion’s hands as they walk her somewhere. In the story, she refers to herself and Delevingne as Meg’s “lesbian bodyguards” who can’t do anything but “talk sh*t.”

Fans, especially those in the Rainbow Mafia, are loving the revelation.

“Renee Rapp being a lesbian (and a sapphic) is my person win fr,” one person wrote.

“Renee rapp coming out as bisexual and then realizing she doesn’t like men and loudly calling herself a lesbian in the public eye is very important to me….. i shan’t elaborate at this time,” another said.

“Renee rapp coming out as a lesbian on snl means a lot because everyone is so f*cking afraid of saying the word,” a further fan commented.

In addition to these recent tidbits, Rapp has famously played two popular lesbian characters: Leighton from The Sex Lives of College Girls and Regina George, who is straight-coded in the movies (though she seems uninterested in her boyfriend and accuses Janis of being a lesbian—perhaps to deflect from her own feelings), but Rapp said in an interview that she 100% thinks the queen bee is a lesbian and played the character as such.

“Oh, she’s absolutely absolutely gay. That woman is a lesbian. Let’s be so clear,” she said in another clip.

Additionally, Rapp was seen waving the lesbian flag at one of her concerts, but it’s unclear if she brought it out or was given it by a fan. (Maybe we’re reading too much into that one, but who knows.)

The Daily Dot reached out to Rapp’s team for comment via email and to several fans via X.

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*First Published: Jan 23, 2024, 1:00 pm CST