person speaking while putting hair up in bun with caption 'Raos saves me money' 'throw some raos on top and shred some fresh Parmesan' (l) Rao's sauce in can for $10.29 (c) person speaking on couch with caption 'Raos saves me money' 'and that's way cheaper than tale out' (r)

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‘It is AMAZING for a jarred sauce’: Customer praises Rao’s pasta sauce. It’s $10.29 per jar—but she says it saves her money

‘I’m a recent Rao’s convert.’


Melody Heald


A popular content creator shared why she believes that Rao’s pasta sauce is the best despite it being $10.29 a jar—and why it saves her money in the long run.

Her video begins with a stitch from TikTok user @dhbowzer_main, where he reveals a jar of Rao’s pasta sauce for $10.29, asking, “Why the F would I pay $10.29 for spaghetti sauce…” then he shifts to a cheaper spaghetti sauce, before adding: “When I can get it for $1.64?” The video then jumps to TikTok user Leigh (@fianciallyfreeleigh), a popular content creator who gives financial advice, as she explains how in spite of being an “incredibly frugal person,” she only buys Rao’s pasta sauce.


@financiallyfreeleigh #stitch with @dhbowzer_main buying quality pre made grocery items WILL save you money long yerm. Ans make you happier :) you might save money at the grocery store but you will spend more later at a restaurant. #groceryshopping #cookingathome #easymeals #grocerybudget #savingmoney #pondst ♬ original sound – Leigh – Create Financial Peace

“Because it tastes so freaking good,” she states. The sauce is so delicious that when Leigh is “tempted to go and buy takeout,” she will actually “make pasta” and coat it with the sauce and some parmesan. By using Rao’s, she essentially saves money, making it “cheaper than takeout.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Leigh via email, TikTok comment, and direct message. The video garnered over 418,000 views as of Saturday, where viewers agreed that Rao’s is their favorite pasta sauce.

“My bf makes really good sauce but if we’re feeling lazy this is an amazing option and we’ll make a bulk amount for next day lunches or dinners,” one viewer revealed.

“It’s damn good stuff. I’m a recent Raos convert,” a second echoed.

“RAO sauce is the best,” a third agreed.

Some viewers even shared where to find cheaper bottles of Rao’s.

“Same, but at Costco you get two giant jars for less than $10,” one user shared.

“Aldi sells Raos for way cheaper than regular grocery stores,” a second said.

“Sam’s Club and Costco have it cheap!! 2 huge jars for $9,” a third stated.

(Pricing at superstores such as Costco depends on zip code, though it’s common for social media to note sales on Rao’s.)

However, others disagreed with Leigh, not understanding the hype.

“idk if i got the wrong flavor but Raos taste so bad,” one person commented.

“Raos is better than most jarred, but its *not* that good,” a second concurred.

“I used raos, it’s mid. I prefer to just buy my own tomato sauce and season it myself,” a third wrote.

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