Spiderman pointing at other spiderman(l), Pointing Rick Dalton played by Leonardo Dicaprio(r)

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A collection of some of the best pointing memes

Pointing memes are a versatile tool in online humor, allowing users to express a range of emotions in a way that is visually impactful.


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Posted on Dec 17, 2023   Updated on Dec 15, 2023, 4:12 pm CST

Pointing memes have become a staple in internet humor, utilizing the action to create humorous and relatable content. These memes typically feature characters from television, comic books, or even other memes, pointing at something or someone, usually accompanied by witty captions or labels.

Here are some of the best memes.

The Spider-Man pointing meme

Originally from the 1967 cartoon series “Spider-Man,” this meme features an image of two Spider-Men pointing at each other. The scene in which two web heads accuse each other of being an impostor has become so iconic in meme culture that it has even been referenced in the 2021 Marvel movie, “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

Pointing Rick Dalton

From the 2019 Tarantino film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” this meme features Leonardo DiCaprio as his character, Rick Dalton, pointing excitedly at a television. The image captures the universal feeling of recognizing something familiar or exciting and having the need to point it out to others. The meme gained traction on Twitter and other social media platforms, where users adapt it to various contexts in which they excitedly recognize something.

Two Soyjaks pointing

This meme format originates from a photograph of two men standing in front of a Beyond Fried Chicken sign at KFC. It became popular in redrawn versions, particularly on 4chan, where it’s used to mock others, or point out something absurd or noteworthy.

Mannequin pointing at crying mannequin

Also known as “Laughing Mannequin,” this meme utilizes a photo of artist Xiang Jing’s 2002 sculpture “BANG.” The image features one mannequin pointing and laughing at another, which looks like it is crying. The meme is often used to mock people or call them out, with recent versions tying into current events like Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

Woman yelling at a cat

This meme combines a screenshot from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” with a photo of a confused-looking cat named Smudge. The meme appears in various scenarios, from light-hearted fights to more serious debates. Its simple format, featuring a heated argument or confrontation on one side (the woman yelling) and a clueless or indifferent response on the other (the cat), continues to make it relevatnt.

‘Joke’s On You, I’m Into That Sh*t’

Featuring Skeletor from “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe,” this meme showcases Skeletor pointing with a caption that indicates acceptance or pride in the face of criticism or mockery. It gained popularity on Reddit and Twitter, and is often used to humorously embrace one’s quirks or unusual interests.

Playing dead doesn’t always work
byu/Eatmydonkey1 inmemes

‘American Chopper’ argument

This meme is based on a scene of a shouting match from the reality show “American Chopper.” The exploitable format humorously illustrates various debates in pop culture fandom, with characters pointing and arguing the different sides of an argument.


Pointing memes are a versatile tool in online humor, allowing users to express a range of emotions in a way that is visually impactful. The variety of pointing memes—from Spider-Man to woman yelling at a cat—demonstrates their broad appeal and adaptability. As internet culture continues to evolve, these memes remain a favorite, reflecting our love for humor and creative expression in the digital age.

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*First Published: Dec 17, 2023, 6:00 am CST