Worker says Planet Fitness was the 'worst job' she's ever had.

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‘That’s traumatizing’: Worker says Planet Fitness was the ‘worst job’ she’s ever had. Here’s why

‘It’s usually open 24 hours, which means you’re in for some bullsh*t.’


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TikToker Emily Mazza (@emazza) recently shared a hilarious example of why she believes working at a gym is the world’s worst job.

Emily begins her story while putting on makeup. “Working at gyms is by far… It’s of a different breed. I won’t say the name of the gym, but I will say it’s a purple gym, and it’s open 24 hrs,” she says, referencing Planet Fitness.

“The gym I worked at in particular closed at 9 o’clock on weekends. We had this lady who we called Naked Mary. Every time you walked into the locker room she was naked,” Emily continues. “When we’re giving tours of the gym we just walk into the locker room and there’s a lady butt-ass naked… It’s like alright we have her here too.”

Gyms are notorious for attracting wacky characters. Aspiring IG models, exhibitionists, show-offs, and creeps are just a few of them. Affordable gyms like Planet Fitness are also a refuge for people who are currently unhoused: Fees can be as low as $10 a month and provide a place for people to shower.

Emily continues her story, “One night I was working on a Friday. It was 9 o’clock. So, I was like, ‘Mary it’s time to go, and I hear her in the locker room being like ‘I’m about to shower’.”

“I let her shower,” Emily says, “You got 15 minutes, but please stop doing this. You’re already banned from two locations.”

Thirty minutes later, Naked Mary was still showering. Emily proceeds to turn the lights off and hears a scream. She continues to try to convince Naked Mary to leave, and turns on the lights for a few minutes so the customer can get dressed.

Emily pauses her story so she can explain how often Naked Mary remained after closing time. “Mind you the lady has been locked inside another gym in the dark because she hides in the bathroom and doesn’t tell anyone she’s in there.”

When Emily turns the lights off again, she hears another scream before Naked Mary rushes over to the counter, yelling and acting aggressively. Finally, Emily threatens to call the police. Naked Mary runs out of the gym, gets in her car, and drives away without her clothes.

“She’s really learned how to finesse the system,” Emily concludes, “I don’t know how she’s allowed in any gyms or in public.”

The video was viewed over 218,000 times as of Friday. Users replied with their own experiences, making the case as to why gyms really are the worst place to work.

@emazza I just LOVE working at gyms :,) LOL jk but this really isnt even the tip of the iceburg on the stories i have from working at gyms 😂 #storytime #storytimemakeup #makeupstorytime #storytimes #storytimevideos #storytimestiktok #gremstorytime #worstjobever #worstjobstory ♬ original sound – Emily Mazza

“I just quit working at a gym yesterday and one time I found a whole turd in the trash can,” one user said.

“I worked at lifetime and I promise I cried at least once a shift bc of how insane people are,” another shared.

A current worker responded, “I seen a lot of homeless people that would hang out at ours. Mainly for the the pizza and showers.”

“Just quit my gym job, can confirm it was the worst. The bullying was next level honestly,” added another.

A self-described former Planet Fitness employee replied, “Coming form a former employee of PF the amount of naked people in the gym is CRAZY.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Emily and Planet Fitness via email.

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