Pizza Hut is so busy they call DoorDash to deliver their pizza

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‘You can call them’: Pizza Hut is so busy they call DoorDash to deliver their pizza. It backfires

‘OMG the same thing happened to me and my family.’


Melody Heald


When a woman ordered Pizza Hut recently, Pizza Hut tried to have DoorDash deliver it—and it didn’t work out.

The video highlighting the kerfuffle came from TikTok user Julie (@officaljujube), who dedicated the video “to the neighbors who stole” her pizza. She made it clear there were three things people “do not f*ck with”: her “kids,” her “money,” and her “food.”

Then, she shared the story about her recent difficult experience with Pizza Hut. One night, she decided to place an order with a Pizza Hut that was 15 minutes away. Julie ordered almost “$60 worth of food,” which included “pizza, brownies, extra Alfredo, and Root Beer.” The worker told her it would be ready “in 30 minutes.”

An hour passed and she still had not received her order. At 9 p.m., she received a text message that her order was delivered. Confused, she called Pizza Hut and informed her what had happened. “‘We sent your order with DoorDash because we’re so busy,’” the worker told the creator. But Julie didn’t order through DoorDash. When she asked the worker to call DoorDash, the worker told Julie to “call him” herself.

Appalled, Julie requested to speak with a manager. She relayed everything that had happened to the manager. After giving the manager her address, the manager informed Julie that her order had been delivered. Julie and the manager talk in circles until Julie decided to head down to the location herself.

When she arrived, the manager told her she called DoorDash. The manager asked a series of questions to Julie: “Do you live in a big brick house?’” “is your address?” “Is your house on ___ street?” Julie responded “no” to all of the questions. However, that was where the order ended up.

In a Part 2 video, Julie had her order remade and was refunded. However, that wasn’t enough for her. Then, the manager received a call from DoorDash. The people the DoorDasher accidentally dropped the order off to claimed it was “theirs.” Angry, Julie asked the manager for the address. After some reluctance, the manager relented. The content creator “wrote down” the address on her hand and drove to it.

Once Julie and her husband arrived at the house, her husband was hesitant. When she approached the people’s door, she “banged” on their door.

Julie screamed, ‘Open the f*cking door!’” However, it wasn’t the pizza that set her off. It was the fact the people “lied” about it. Afterward, she got home and shared the incident with her children. Instead of getting upset, her son was sympathetic to the people, claiming he “would’ve done the same thing.” Julie condemned her son for his response. The video wrapped up with Julie saying how her husband told her that it “needed to stop” because this was over pizza.

“Yeah, but it’s a brownie too,” she added to finish out the video.

The Daily Dot reached out to Julie via TikTok comment, to Pizza Hut via media contact form, and DoorDash via press email regarding the video. The first video amassed over 596,000 views and the second over 205,000 views, where viewers shared their similar experiences.

“OMG the same thing happened to me and my family,” one said. “They told me that I had to call door dash. I told them I didn’t order through Doordash.”

“Pizza Hut did the same to me and when the dasher tried making me pay again to get my pizza even though I paid over the phone when I ordered,” revealed another. “I didn’t get my pizza.”

“Papa Johns did this to me and the door dasher just stole my food,” a third wrote.

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