Server shares why Olive Garden is the worst place to wait tables. And 4 other places to 'never' be one

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‘Just take my word for it’: Server shares why Olive Garden is the worst place to wait tables. And 3 other places to ‘never’ serve at

'Any restaurant I’ve worked that has been corporate owned has SUCKED.'


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Posted on Mar 26, 2024   Updated on Mar 25, 2024, 4:23 pm CDT

Waiting tables is hard work. Slogging through a dinner rush, getting your side work done, and dealing with unreasonable customers, often for less than a 20% tip is no picnic. And it’s even worse if your workplace doesn’t take care of the staff.

One former server is taking to TikTok to talk about what makes a restaurant a terrible experience for waitstaff. And their names will probably be familiar to anyone who’s eaten at a chain restaurant in America.

Comedian and content creator Liz Bezler is a former server and she’s come up with a list of four places she claims no server would want to work at. Bezler posted her video on Feb. 8 and it’s since picked up 1.4 million views and counting.

Here are the four restaurants she says “NOT to work as a server in America.”

Olive Garden

Olive Garden may be “one of the top casual dining restaurant chains based in the United States” according to Statista, but it’s the worst place for a server according to Bezler.

“Ask anyone who’s worked there,” she says in the video.

Bezler claims the chain’s small three-table server sections and frequent demands for breadstick refills are two reasons a potential server might want to avoid the place, but she also alleges “the management is just trash.”

Denny’s or iHop

She also warns future waitstaff to steer clear of any restaurant that specializes in breakfast.

“Think of it this way, the simple breakfast deal? Eggs. How do you want them?” she asks. “Do you want sausage or bacon? Do you want pancakes or French toast? Do you want twenty million refills on your coffee?”

“Too many options,” she declares before adding, “constantly wiping up sticky messes. No, Thank you.”

Red Lobster

“Everybody’s obsessed with those biscuits so you’re going to have to fill them a bajillion times,” she claims. She also raises an eyebrow at the “unlimited shrimp situation,” claiming, “People take advantage of that s**t.”

“Unlimited means they’re going to be freaking crazy and need to eat for like, the whole week because it’s unlimited and because they need their money’s worth.”


“You don’t get tips,” Bezler claims. “They [customers] put down like a one dollar bill [as a tip] but you’re constantly cleaning up these disgusting plates with disgusting food on them.”

@lizbezler Just take my word for it and dont work here youll thank me later #olivegarden #redlobster #ihop #dennys #buffet ♬ original sound – LIZ BEZLER

Some of Bezler’s viewers seemed to boil down her advice as pertaining to the two chain restaurants she called out by name, Olive Garden and Red Lobster.

Faith (@faithbillington0) wrote, “Basically any Darden company.”

Another added, “Heavy on literally any Darden restaurant.”

Darden Restaurants is the parent company of Olive Garden but no longer runs Red Lobster.

The Daily Dot has reached out via email to both Darden Restaurants and Red Lobster for a statement.

Some viewers took to the comments to express their dissatisfaction with other restaurants.

“Texas Roadhouse has to be up there too. it’s not all that people make it out to be,” wrote Madison (@madisonchambers07_).

“Don’t forget about Applebees!” another viewer commented.

Another added, “Any restaurant I’ve worked that has been major corporate owned has SUCKED.”

Other viewers had suggestions about more lucrative places to serve.

“Where you do want to work: fine dining, anywhere near a water source, hole-in-the-wall bars with amazingly loyal regulars, locally owned anywhere,” wrote @tiffanytaylar.

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*First Published: Mar 26, 2024, 5:00 am CDT