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‘That’s why I always put my brightness down before I check’: Man ‘checks’ bank account while at the bar. He has -$1.21 in his account

'He thought the deposit was gone hit by the time he got there.'


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Posted on Nov 8, 2023

Everyone has gone out to the bar only to discover the next morning that they spent way more than expected, but few realize their mistake at the bar.

TikToker Somewhere chasing my dreams (@dre.pappy) recently filmed a man checking his bank account while he was out at the bar. Viewed over 1.4 million times as of publication, the video sparked a conversation over expenses and partying.

“POV: you had NO business being outside,” reads text overlaying the clip.

Leaning on the bar, the man opens his banking app to check his account.

The camera zooms onto his phone, showing a -$1.21 balance. The man rubs his head, appearing stressed, before locking his phone.

Many commenters were astonished that he’d gone out in the first place.

“Bro just go home,” one joked.

“Dude banking with PayPal. He had no business being outside even if he wasn’t broke,” a second agreed.

“Why did he even think about putting on clothes to go anywhere,” a third added.

Some argued that broke nights are the best nights to go out.

“These be the best nights out I wouldn’t lie,” a user said.

“Some how the drinks start rolling in,” another remarked.

“That’s when you slap the bar could I get a double lol,” a user agreed.

“That’s a problem for the morning gang,” another replied.

@dre.pappy Bro needs to go home 😂 #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – Somewhere chasing my dreams💎

While most commented in good humor, some empathized with the situation.

“Me last night with 77 cents in my account,” a user said.

“He thought the deposit was gone hit by the time he got there,” another replied.

Many remarked that they always turn down their brightness before checking their bank accounts.

“If I ever have to check my bank account on my phone I always lower down the brightness no matter how much I got,” a viewer wrote.

Others suggested a privacy screen. “Privacy screen protector is worth every penny,” a user shared.

Going out broke is an art form. It takes effort, but it’s doable with the right mindset. Tips include eating before you go out, pregaming at home, frequenting happy hours, and heading out early before clubs start their cover charges.

Other ways to save on going out include using apps to build up points to get free meals. For example, one TikToker documented how she had less than $2 to her name but 30,000 McDonald’s points.

The Daily Dot reached out to @dre.pappy for further comment.

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*First Published: Nov 8, 2023, 9:21 am CST