Mom finds something unusual in kid's CapriSun

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‘This is why I don’t buy capri sun’: Mom finds something unusual inside kid’s newly purchased Capri Sun pouch

'Thats why they started making a clear bottom but they stopped randomly for some reason.'


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Posted on Mar 17, 2024   Updated on Mar 17, 2024, 11:55 am CDT

Mother of a young toddler and TikTok user Haley Crider (@lil_crider) reveals how she discovered something unusual at the bottom of her son’s Capri Sun juice packet.

In a short video clip via TikTok, Haley shared with her followers how she found something floating in her son’s newly purchased Capri Sun drink pouches. 

“CHECK YOUR KIDS Capri Suns I cut the top off to pour it into my son’s sippy cup and saw stuff floating in it! Then I grabbed the last 2 and cut them open and they were okay but I’m so glad I caught it before I gave it to him,” writes Haley. 

She added the hashtags in the caption, #caprisun #gross #floating #kids #parents #toddler @Caprisun.

The video has grossed over 2.6 million views and 59,600 likes as of publication Sunday. 

Hannah says she always cuts open her son’s Capri Sun so she can pour it into his sippy cup instead of the plastic foil pouch to prevent her son from spilling the juice while he enjoys his drink. 

@lil_crider CHECK YOUR KIDS Capri Suns i cut the top off to pour it into my sons sippy cup and seen stuff floaring in it! Then i grab the last 2 and cut them open and they were okay but im so glad i caught it before i gave it to him! #caprisun #gross #floating #kids #parents #toddler @Caprisun ♬ original sound – Haley crider

“And it doesn’t expire until August, but this one has this stuff in it… Ewwww,” exclaimed Haley. 

The floating dots visible at the bottom of the Capri Sun are alleged to be mold, according to the viewer’s comments. 

The juice company has a history of floating unusual objects being found in their drinks, which caused the Kraft Heinz-owned company to start making clear plastic bottoms on their popular juice pouches. 

In 2022, Capri Sun had its most recent recall where they discovered cleaning solutions to be in some of their products. 

According to the FDA website, “Kraft Heinz is announcing a voluntary recall of approximately 5,760 cases of Capri Sun Wild Cherry Flavored Juice Drink Blend beverages.”

“The voluntary recall comes after diluted cleaning solution, which is used on food processing equipment, was inadvertently introduced into a production line at one of our factories. Only the Wild Cherry flavored Capri Sun products with the case/package information below are affected.”

The FDA claims, “This recall has been completed and FDA has terminated this recall.”

TikTok viewers shared their concerns fro Capri Sun in the comments section of Haley’s video.

“Y’all don’t remember when someone found worms and such in their CapriSun and then CapriSun came out with the clear bottoms?” asked one viewer. 

Other viewers encouraged Haley to report the matter. 

“You might want to email or reach out to the company so they could do a potential recall if it was a bad load since they haven’t expired yet,” stated another viewer. 

Meanwhile, other viewers even suggested that the mom should purchase the clear bottom or plastic bottled versions of Capri Sun instead of the traditional aluminum foil pouches drink.

“That’s why they started making a clear bottom but they stopped randomly for some reason,” commented one viewer.

According to an article by, in 2014, “[CapriSun] launched a new pouch with a clear bottom to let moms ‘see the goodness before it’s gulped.’ Or spot the mold before it’s gulped…”

The Daily Dot reached out to Haley via TikTok direct message and Capri Sun Press Department via email. 

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*First Published: Mar 17, 2024, 1:00 pm CDT