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‘Wait are people actually putting those in their LinkedIn?’: Workers mock job hunters using AI to fake their headshots

'Catfishing gone corporate.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jul 22, 2023

There’s been a recent uptick in internet users employing AI to improve their job prospects.

Some users have reported using generative text programs like ChatGPT to improve their resumes or even write cover letters for potential jobs, while others are claiming to use the service to land the jobs of their dreams.

This use of AI has also found its way into corporate headshots. Getting a professional headshot for LinkedIn can be expensive, which is why many have turned to apps like Remini to create professional-looking headshots using reference photos.

While these apps have sometimes turned out positive results, users have also reported issues. 

Some claim that the apps make them significantly skinnier than they actually are, rendering them unrecognizable. An Asian MIT student asked an AI image editor to make her headshot more “professional”—the app gave her lighter skin and blue eyes. One Black user of AI image enhancing software stated that results from one app “oversexualized” her appearance.

Now, a user’s clip on TikTok has gone viral after joking about how the rise of these AI headshots may impact the workplace.

@moldogaa Catfishing gone corporate ft @Edan Mcgovern #fyp #foryou #linkedin #aiheadshot #lol #skit #funny #ai ♬ original sound – moldoga

In a video with over 2.4 million views as of Saturday, TikTok user Molly (@moldogaa) creates a fake interaction between a job interviewer and an applicant.

When the applicant enters, the interviewer is shocked. She holds up a refined headshot, then compares it to the TikToker, who has used a filter to make their appearance significantly different from the image.

“Catfishing gone corporate,” the TikToker writes in the caption.

In the comments section, some users expressed surprise that people were actually using AI-generated headshots in professional environments.

“Wait are people actually putting those in their linked in?” a user asked.

“I’m dyingggg, I tried it the other day and I looked SO face tuned I would not be able to use one lol,” added another.

That said, some admitted to using AI-generated images in their everyday lives.

“I did it because I lost 55 lbs and am losing more so I don’t want to pay for headshots,” explained a commenter. “It’s pretty accurate for me. I’m also in IT.”

“Worst part is I’ve actually been getting more interviews since I added the AI pic on my resume,” offered a second.

“I swear it’s gotta be better than me still using my highschool senior pictures when I turn 26 this year,” another TikToker stated.

The Daily Dot reached out to Molly via email.

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*First Published: Jul 22, 2023, 8:31 am CDT