Mechanic issues warning after 2 Toyotas come in with the same problem

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‘That Autozone one only gonna last a year or two max’: Mechanic issues warning after 2 Toyotas come in with the same problem

‘Texas heat taking batteries life.’


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Toyotas are known for their reliability, with many drivers of the popular car brand singing its praises.

For example, one internet user claimed her Toyota Corolla just passed 100K miles and that they plan to continue driving it, and several mechanics have noted the dependability of Toyota vehicles.

However, while this may be the company’s reputation, recent incidents have caused some to question whether this label is still deserved. One mechanic said he’s had to replace six catalytic converters on Camrys in a single year, while others have noted potential quality issues.

Now, a mechanic has sparked discussion after showing how two Toyotas came in with the same problem.

A new problem for Toyotas

In a video with over 200,000 views as of Saturday, TikTok user John Brian (@johnbrian210) shows what he calls a “Two for One Special.”

According to the TikToker, two Toyota vehicles came in with the same issue: The battery was “bad,” and the alternator was showing no output.

Putting a new battery into each car did not resolve the issue, so, he opted to replace the alternator in both cars. On one he used a part from his shop. On the other, the customer provided the part from AutoZone. This managed to resolve the issues.

According to Repair Smith, there are a few things that can cause an alternator to wear out. These include age and wear from usage, the leaking of engine oil or power steering fluid onto the alternator, extended idling with several electrical accessories in use, and the intrusion of salt and water. 

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Commenters say it’s common

In the comments section, many users appeared unconcerned by this issue, with several noting that high summer temperatures in addition to extended use of the air conditioning could lead to this outcome.

“That’s typical summer issue. Ac and alternators,” a user said.

“Texas heat taking batteries life,” added another.

“[summer] time [heat] will do that,” echoed a third.

However, the TikToker countered in a comment that, “It’s Texas. It’s always hot .. this is just wear and tear,” and that the issue was “hella common.”

Thankfully, it appears the repair is relatively simple to perform.

“That’s the easiest thing to change in a toyota,” stated a commenter. “It took me 10 min to change just by watching a Youtube video lmao.”

The Daily Dot reached out to the TikToker via TikTok direct message and Toyota via email.

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