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‘Toyota not the same anymore’: Mechanic says he’s had to replace 6 catalytic converters on Camry cars this year. Why?

‘My 2021 also did that at 20k.’


Braden Bjella


Toyota vehicles have long been known for their reliability.

Over the years, many internet users have shared their delight at their continued use of their Toyota cars, with one user claiming that she has put over 100,000 miles on her Toyota Corolla and has no intention of getting rid of it, and an auto mechanic placing two of the company’s cars among his three most reliable vehicles.

That said, some have accused the company of reducing their quality in recent years, citing issues in the cars and high repair costs among the reasons why they are questioning the current state of the company’s production.

Now, another internet user has sparked discussion after an auto mechanic posted a video claiming to have found a consistent issue with Toyota cars.

New Camry needs new catalytic converter

In his video, Luis (@callescol97) shows a Toyota Camry with only 11,000 miles. Despite its low mileage, the car is showing “Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1.”

As he replaces the necessary components, he shows parts of the car that have holes as well as poor welding jobs on parts of the vehicle.

In the caption, Luis claims this is his “6th [catalytic converter-related problem] of the year.”

Luis wrote in a comment that he’s unsure why this problem occurred.

“Fuel trims were good on freeze frame. No sings of modifications. Vehicle is stock. Don’t know why,” he detailed.

@callescol97 6th cat of the year #camry #toyota#fyp ♬ Dreamy Phonk Drift – lofi'chield

Commenters share their thoughts

In the comments section, users shared their mixed experiences with Toyota vehicles.

Some claimed to have had similar problems to those shown in the video.

“Toyota not the same anymore. Tundras are popping 3.5s left and right,” a user wrote.

“My 2021 also did that at 20k,” offered another.

“Toyota used to be very reliable but not anymore,” declared a third.

That said, others stated that their Toyota vehicles did not have such problems.

“Have a 2016 Toyota with like 24k miles and it’s been perfect,” said a commenter.

“That’s crazy, my 2018 XSE Camry Made it to 190,000 miles this year and had zero issues,” revealed a second. “I just sold it too.”

The Dauly Dot reached out to Toyota via email and Luis via Instagram direct message for comment.

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