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‘I don’t wanna feel like I’m eating the animal’: Customer says she has ‘meat anxiety’ when eating Subway turkey sandwich

‘This is why I became vegetarian.’


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Have you ever become hyper-aware of the fact that you’re eating “flesh” in the middle of eating something with meat? Apparently, tons of people do. One TikTok creator walks us through this feeling.

In the video, TikToker Sue (@harajukusue) eats a turkey sandwich from Subway. They show the layers of the sandwich which includes bread, vegetable toppings, and a stack of turkey meat. They then remove some of the turkey meat and show us their “appropriate” amount of meat-to-bread ratio.

Sue captions the video, “I hate eating meat #subway”

The video has 981 comments and 199,000 views as of Monday.

@harajukusue I hate eating meat 😭#subway ♬ original sound – Sue🎀

“Oh my gosh I hate when they stack it like I actually start gagging because I’m just like this is f*cking flesh, like no!” Sue says. “I don’t wanna feel like I’m eating the animal.”

The text overlay on the video is “Meat Anxiety,” which is a phenomenon many people in the comments say they relate to.

“I’m the same exact way,” one comment mentioned.

“LMFAO I feel so seen,” another user wrote.

“I’ve found my people,” suggested another comment.

More extreme examples of meat anxiety include conditions like Carnophobia which is an extreme irrational fear and anxiety about eating meat. Some studies, though, have actually found that meat consumption is tied to lower levels of general anxiety and depression, like one journal article which stated, “The most rigorous studies demonstrated that the prevalence or risk of depression and/or anxiety were significantly greater in participants who avoided meat consumption.”

Sue continues to explain that there’s something specifically about a lot of turkey meat in a sandwich that they find repulsive. 

“There’s something about turkey that also throws me off. I’m like what is it? Flying bird. It’s a big a** bird we’re eating. I don’t like that,” Sue says.

One commenter specifically agrees that there’s something about turkey sandwiches that just don’t hit right.

“Turkey be messing me up man! Whole sandwich experience over when I get a bite of that chewy gristle part,” the comment says.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sue for comment via email.

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