McDonald’s workers complains about how customers start every order

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‘When they pull up saying ‘HELLO’ then ask to give them time’: McDonald’s workers complain about how customers start every order

‘Sorry, we don’t have uhh on the menu.’


Phil West


Judging from past reports about McDonald’s, nothing irks drive-thru workers on TikTok more than when customers don’t arrive at the mic ready to order.

There’s a new entry in that genre of TikTok video, from creator Mario Scott, who’s previously been featured in the Daily Dot for his McDonald’s content. In this video, which has drawn more than 282,000 views as of this writing, he starts with a shot of a McDonald’s drive-thru worker and a voice that says, “Let me get that …” before dissolving into a confused “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

@cactusmvrkss We dont have uhhhhhh on MF MENU BRUH 😂#foryou #work #mcdonalds #humor #pain ♬ original sound – Mârio ScoTT

There are some more indecisive “uhhhs” before the voice lands on an audible “double cheese” followed by more “uhhhs.”

The on-screen caption starts with a “Nobody:” meme and then completes it with a “How customers start off every order.”

McDonald’s drive-thru workers who viewed the video had their own insights to share in the comments.

“I started telling customers, ‘Sorry we don’t have uhh on the menu,’” one person said.

Another answered, “The way i wish i could say this but i’d get in trouble.”

“It’s because I was a manager who didn’t care,” that first commenter responded. “I would play around with customers a lot.”

“When they pull up saying ‘HELLO’ then ask to give them time,” said a frustrated workerpulling from their own experience at the McDonald’s drive-thru window.

“Or when they pull up ‘hello hello HELLO,’” another said in the same vein, “and then when you answer they say, ‘Give me a min[ute].”

“It be pissing me off,” shared a third. They also noted that customers “rush for u to take the order just to uhhh in my ear like they nutting.”

Annoyance with indecision took on different forms for commenters. One also revealed a dislike for the question, “Can I hear all the toppings you have?”

Another remarked, “5 minutes just to order a 10 pc nugget.”

And, apparently, it’s not endemic to just the McDonald’s drive-thru. “Can relate hella to this,” one commenter confided, “and I work at Dairy Queen.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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