Woman says she ate 'blood stained' McMuffin from McDonald's

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‘They didn’t even give me a gift card, just hepatitis’: Woman says she ate bloodstained McMuffin from McDonald’s

'McDonald’s would buy me a house and a car after this.'


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Posted on Apr 23, 2023

There are a few things you’d probably rather not find in your food—like a nose ring in your burrito, a giant bug in your salad, or a needle in your Burger King meal.

Fast-food companies serve up hundreds of millions of orders across the globe every day, and while these businesses may have higher standards of cleanliness when compared to five-star establishments, it’s unreasonable to expect a flawless record when it comes to food preparation. After all, human beings are serving up these dishes so mistakes will inevitably be made.

That doesn’t change the fact that it can be an upsetting, and potentially health-threatening experience, whenever a customer comes across something that’s not supposed to be in their food. This is what happened with a TikToker named Kira (@kiralles) who says she was served up a “BLOOD DROPLET McMuffin” at McDonald’s.

She made the discovery when she was seven months pregnant, and says that initially, she thought that the blood may have come from an unknown wound she had, but that wasn’t the case.

Kira writes in a caption for the TikTok slideshow that upon making the discovery, which she brought to the attention of McDonald’s employees, that “they didn’t even give [her] a gift card, just hepatitis.”

Viewers asked for a “story time” about the incident, and Kira obliged in a follow-up post where she states that she ordered the meal in the drive-thru and didn’t see the blood until she had eaten half of it.

“…I look down and I noticed this I’m like, what is this? Like. instantly my brain is like it’s ketchup, it’s jelly, like it’s anything red before it’s blood,” she says.

@kiralles Here’s the story time yall🤢🤑 #trending #fyp #storytime ♬ original sound – Kira

However, Kira says she inspected the sandwich further before she finally confirmed that there was blood in her breakfast sandwich.

“I’m starting to realize it really is blood. It’s not chipping away, it looks like droplets, like it’s soaked in there,” she says. After checking her hand for wounds and her gums for blood, she says she took it back to the McDonald’s location where she purchased the sandwich.

Kira says the drive-thru worker asked if her order was “messed up,” to which Kira replied, “Yeah, they did.” She continues that the employee called over a manager who seemed “nonchalant” about the whole ordeal.

“I explain it to her, she’s like, ‘OK well give me the sandwich we’ll give you a refund like we’ll make you some fresh food,'” Kira recalls the manager telling her.

“Girrrlll, are you being for real right now? Like? So, no, I don’t want the refund. You cannot have the sandwich, you can look at it. I’m like dangling it out the window like, you can’t have it,” Kira says. At this point, she claims the manager doubted it was blood but agreed to “check the cameras.”

However, the other McDonald’s employee returned to the drive-thru window and offered up some new information that strongly suggested there was a real possibility someone’s blood did indeed end up in Kira’s sandwich.

“The other lady comes back to the window and she’s like, ‘yep, I checked the kitchen and so-and-so cut her hand right around the time that you came through the drive-thru.’ Boom, right there. They admitted that someone cut their hand in the kitchen like at the time that I came,” Kira exclaims.

The TikToker said the incident led to a legal dispute between her and the McDonald’s location. She alluded in the comments to being compensated after suing the corporation.

What made the situation even more challenging was the fact that she was worried she may have contracted an illness from the McDonald’s employee’s blood that could have potentially jeopardized the health of her baby.

In the end, Kira said consuming the employee’s blood inadvertently ultimately had no adverse effects on her.

“And I am fine I do not have hepatitis, like that part is a joke, OK,” she clarifies. “Like, I gotta laugh at something about the situation, OK. Like, for God’s sake, I ate someone else’s blood.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kira via TikTok comment and McDonald’s via email.

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*First Published: Apr 23, 2023, 11:01 am CDT