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‘Damn I guess they were right telling us we can’t have piercings at work’: Qdoba customer says she found a nose ring in her burrito

‘Nobody should be touching their face while making your food.’


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Update 1:08pm CT, March 28: A Qdoba spokesperson told the Daily Dot in a statement: “We are aware of this matter and appreciate your inquiry. We are addressing the matter accordingly and want to assure our fans that food hygiene is our utmost priority.”

In 2021, a horrified Jack in the Box employee revealed that they lost their $500 nose piercing and feared that it was lost in a customer’s food order. Now, a Qdoba customer was just as alarmed to be on the receiving end of a nose-piercing foul, after she bit into a burrito only to feel her teeth clenching down on a piece of metal she would later discover was an employee’s nose ring.

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Sydni begins her video with a shocked expression and she loudly states, “I know you bitches are fucking lying. I know my mouth looks dirty but there was a nose ring in my burrito! Ahh! Ahh!” she screams as she tries to flick the nose ring off of her finger.

Viewers seemed just as alarmed as Sydni, with one user writing, “I would be literally throwing up everywhere.” Another wrote that “That burrito would been all over qdoba,” something that the TikToker said she did upon the nose-ring discovery. “Taking that bitch back right now,” she wrote.

Sydni provided an update on the situation in a follow-up video where she says, “I’m at Qdoba and I’m about to take it back.”

She holds up the nose ring to the camera. “My teeth, did that,” she says, showing the bend in the piece of metal.

“People ask me, did I finish the burrito? No, bitch, I didn’t finish the burrito,” Sydni says. “No, there’s no fucking diamond in the nose ring so imagine if I would, what, what? That shit wild. Fucking wild! Wild! We about to take it back though. Wild.”

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The camera then cuts back to Sydni sitting in her car after she walked inside of Qdoba.

“I took it back, and the lady was there she was like, ‘oh my gosh, I feel so sorry like I’m so embarrassed,’” Sydni shares.

The TikToker explains that the employee claimed that while she was working, her husband patted down her face because she was sweaty. When she went to check her nose ring to push it back into her nostril to make sure it was still secure, she allegedly accidentally pushed it out.

“But yeah, I did get reimbursed with a bowl, I got to put whatever I wanted in it which was nice it was clutch, um, I’m not gonna say too much but…fuck,” she says.

Sydni reaches into the backseat of her car to pull out what appears to be a flier from Qdoba. It turns out to be a coupon for one free entree.

“So I think that’s for whenever I wanna go back if I wanna go back, umm I can get something free,” Sydni says.

A number of TikTokers said that she “fumbled the bag” by settling for free food from the restaurant.

“Noooo no no. Contact corporate,” a commenter urged. “They tried to sweep that under the rug with a free meal. Nobody should be touching their face while making your food.”

Someone else wrote, “Sweat, snot… mm no unacceptable.”

“You ate there again,” another penned.

“A .. bowl? Girl where is the money !! bffr,” a user stated.

One TikToker said she should’ve been given multiple free meals for an extended period of time for finding an employee’s nose ring in her burrito.

“Baba NO!!! You should have gotten reimbursed with free food there for MONTHS MAYBE EVEN A YEAR!!” they wrote. “Almost the same thing happened with my cousin and got Free food for a year + 3 months.”

Someone else questioned why she would’ve wanted to eat the food from that Qdoba after the incident.

“I don’t understand why they offer free food after stuff like this,” they wrote. “The person don’t wanna eat there anymore, well they shouldn’t.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sydni via TikTok comment.

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