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‘We are too lazy to figure out the tote’: McDonald’s customer orders the ‘cookie tote.’ She can’t believe what she received

‘As an employee, this is honestly easier.’


Melody Heald


The McDonald’s cookie tote is all the rage right now. But, at least for one customer, it didn’t live up to the hype.

McDonald’s released the cookie tote on May 30, 2023. For just a few bucks, $3.99-$6.89, depending on where one lives, customers can get their hands on one. It’s a yellow and white tote-like cardboard box—with a handle and all. And it comes with 13 chocolate chip cookies inside.

The cookie tote has been around for a while but just gained popularity across TikTok. But in a video with over 501,000 views, a customer shared her disappointment with the product.

TikTok user Marina (@_mar.1na_) said in the text overlay: “What i was expecting when i ordered my cookie tote from mcdonalds.” What she was expecting was the tote box the cookies are supposed to come in.

Instead, she received her cookies in a pancake container. She expressed her disappointment, writing in the caption, “what i got” accompanied by a sad face emoji.

However, Marina found a silver lining. “Cookies still bomb ASF,” she shared.

@_mar.1na_ cookies still bomb ASF 🙏🏼 #fyp #mcdonalds #cookietote ♬ původní zvuk – tereza.debnarova

McDonald’s workers weighed in, hoping to explain why her cookies didn’t come in a tote.

“We do that bc we are to lazy to figure out the tote bc it’s a struggle,” one said.

“As an employee, this is honestly easier for cookies fresh out the oven. The fresh cookies are too soft and this keeps the relative cookie shape better,” a second said.

“As former mcd manager can confirm. also we never had the boxes and it’s easier using the pancake trays,” a third claimed.

Marina said that she asked her cousin, who is a McDonald’s worker, and he echoed the viewer’s assessments. “He just confirmed that,” she said.

Viewers also agreed that the cookies are so good that it doesn’t matter how they are packaged.

“And they’re always SOOOO good that way too,” one user commented.

“Their cookies slap tho so it’s worth it,” another agreed.

Earlier this month, McDonald’s employee and TikToker Lily (@lilyjussreall) vented her hatred for preparing cookie totes through a skit. In it, she violently shakes her head and pretends to choke herself. Workers on that post also agreed that the cookie tote is a nuisance for them. “So real. the annoyance in my voice as i turn off my headset and yell ‘COOKIE TOTE,’” one said.

But there was one outlier. “Unpopular opinion I loved making cookie totes cause I would make extra and eat it,” that worker shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Marina via TikTok comment and direct message as well as to McDonald’s via press email.

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