Man ‘babysits’ his own kid for wife’s Christmas gift, sparking debate

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‘The absolute worst is how proud of himself he is’: Man ‘babysits’ his own kid for wife’s Christmas gift, sparking debate

'She looks young enough to be his kid.'


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Posted on Jan 5, 2024   Updated on Jan 5, 2024, 8:46 am CST

A popular social media couple sparked outrage on TikTok after the husband gave his wife the gift of “babysitting” their kid for Christmas.

The original video featured TikTiok couple Rafal and Iyah (@rafal_and_iyah) standing in their kitchen. “So, I just got back from the store, and my husband goes, ‘Did you enjoy your time? That was the other half of my Christmas gift,'” Iyah shared, holding their baby. This surprised Iyah, but Rafal clarified that “freedom” was the present. “‘You were gone for two hours, and I babysat. Your gift was freedom. I love you,’ and he kissed me,” Iyah recounted. Rafal added that the “freedom” and spare time he gave was the “greatest gift of all for a mother.” The video concluded with Rafal kissing Iyah on the cheek and Iyah laughing.

However, the couple claimed the video was a joke. “It’s called sarcasm/humor. We’re amazed how many people believed we meant it,” the joint account wrote in the comments section. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop people from giving their opinions. TikTok user Shawnda (@ifecoachshawn) stitched the original video and shared her thoughts. “I don’t know the ins and outs of their relationship, but I don’t have to,” she told her 438,000 followers. “I’m simply reacting to the video that she posted.”

Then, the content creator said some men use motherhood as a form of control.

“What do you mean he gifted you the gift of freedom for two hours while he babysat his own child?” she questioned. “Sir, you don’t babysit your own child. She’s not babysitting when you leave. When you’re gonna go play golf or going to work or doing whatever, she’s not babysitting.”

Next, she went on to say that some men don’t want to be fathers but want women to be mothers because it limits the women’s freedom. She said that because of the fear and doubt, they get the woman pregnant.

“But some men, like I said, don’t want to be fathers. They want you to be a mother as a means of control,” she reiterated, concluding the video.

@lifecoachshawn A mom returns from a two hour shopping trip to her husband who tells her to consider that time a part of her Christmas. #datingtips #relationships #marriage #dating #weaponizedincompentence @Shawnda ♬ original sound – Shawnda

The Daily Dot reached out to both @rafal_and_iyah and Shawnda via TikTok comment. Shawnda’s video amassed over 818,000 views, and viewers were equally upset.

“Nahhhh babysit? ones own kid? these men,” one viewer stated.

“The absolute worst is how proud of himself he is,” a second wrote.

“I dunno… something about him saying he gave her ‘freedom for two hours’ irked my soul,” a third remarked.

“Going to the store is not a break,” a fourth commented.

“It’s not babysitting if YOU’RE THE DAD,” a fifth stated.

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*First Published: Jan 5, 2024, 11:00 am CST