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‘Something’s that not talked about enough’: Lowe’s worker shares PSA about the Stanley cups sold in the store, compares them to Target Stanley cups

'I’ve been itching to get one but I’m trying to stay strong.'


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Posted on Feb 6, 2024   Updated on Feb 9, 2024, 1:19 pm CST

For the past year, people have been going bananas over Stanley cups. There have already been physical altercations and even cases of schoolyard bullying related to the craze, but as consumers battle it out for the red and pink limited edition cups, one Lowe’s worker issued an important PSA: You can get Stanley cups from there, too.

“OK, something that’s not talked enough about [is] that literally Lowe’s sells Stanleys,” she says as the camera pans across the assortment of products. “This is what they got, and compared to Target’s price, these are pretty good.”

“I like them so much, but I’m not trying to pay $25 for a water bottle,” she says. “They also have like straw replacements and lids.” The TikToker didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

At the time of this writing, a vast range of Stanley products are available to purchase on the Lowe’s website. Lowe’s prices for all Stanley drinkware items (including accessories) range from $10-39, whereas Target’s range from $15 to $60. But while this suggests that Lowe’s selection of Stanley products may be cheaper, this isn’t necessarily true.

Both sell the 20 oz Stainless Steel Quencher Tumbler for the same price, $30, while the $25 bottle the worker mentions in the video doesn’t seem to be sold at Target at all. It’s also worth noting that, unlike Target, Lowe’s doesn’t sell a 40 oz cup, though it does sell a 30 oz one for $35.

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“I work at Lowe’s my store doesn’t sell them,” one viewer commented. “The one I work in doesn’t have any either,” another echoed.

A third viewer advised customers to “hit our clearance section; sometimes they have some back there too.” But not everyone was willing to give up tricks of the trade. “SHHHHHHH why u gotta tell the rest????” a fourth viewer lamented.


But could the Stanley Cup craze already be over? According to self-proclaimed trend forecaster Casey Lewis, we’re approaching the final stretch of the obsession.

“We’re seeing the late majority,” she said in a viral TikTok. “We’re seeing the tween girl. We’re seeing the moms in the suburbs. Now, look, I’m not trying to make generalizations about millennial moms in the suburbs. I’m just explaining what a late majority looks like. They are not cutting-edge. They are not experimenting with trends.”

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*First Published: Feb 6, 2024, 11:00 pm CST