Woman shares how to get most bang for buck at Longhorn Steakhouse

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‘This is genius’: Woman shares how to get the most bang for your buck at Longhorn Steakhouse

‘Seeeee this is actually a usable hack.’


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TikTok has consistently been a repository for helpful restaurant hacks, with the latest one coming from a dedicated food reviewer who recently visited Longhorn Steakhouse

In a viral May 29 TikTok, user Divagetchecks (@divadabratt) filmed her and her boyfriend’s dinner, stating in the caption that they weren’t in the mood for the restaurant’s signature steak filets.

She ordered an appetizer plate of hot wings and a loaded baked potato while her boyfriend used the complimentary bread to make a chicken sandwich out of his order of spicy chicken bites. The trick is to “ask for fresh bread to come when the chicken comes out,” she noted in the video’s text overlay. 

Her boyfriend added salt, pepper, and butter to the bread, she added, and he usually adds some of her Caesar salad to the sandwich, though she didn’t order one in the TikTok.

According to Longhorn Steakhouse’s online menu, their meal total comes out to $25.27 before tax. With a Caesar salad, the total adds up to $29.76. 

“Don’t say we didn’t put y’all on,” she warned in the caption of the video, which has been viewed over 208,700 times as of Monday.

Viewers love meal hacks

Another viral video posted last July showed viewers how to enjoy a decent-sized meal for just $9: Order a kid’s meal to-go, which gives you a range of five different choices and comes with complimentary bread and a drink.

“Plenty of that for an adult,” user Kinsley (@shoplolajane.kins) noted in the July 13, 2023 TikTok.

Longhorn Steakhouse is already considered a pricier dining option due to its predominantly steak menu, so viewers have greatly appreciated Kinsley’s hack and the one posted by Divagetchecks.

“Smart. The way these prices are today!” @smokingrepeats praised. 

“Their portions are soooooo big,” another user commented.

A recent NerdWallet report found that the average cost of meals in sit-down restaurants like Longhorn Steakhouse, including table service, has been rising just over three percent each year, with take-out style meal prices rising five percent.

@divadabratt Not a filet typa night so we got chicken🔥Must try! Dont say we didnt put yall on🤭🤭 #foryou #foodhack #foodies #datenight @Longhorn Steakhouse ♬ original sound – Divagetchecks

The Daily Dot reached out to Divagetchecks via TikTok direct message.

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