Logan’s Roadhouse customer opens burger buns up, finds all the patties cut in half

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‘Should of just told you they out’: Logan’s Roadhouse customer opens burger buns up, finds all the patties cut in half

‘Did they really cut up a single patty?’


Eric Webb


Remember that old Wendy’s commercial, where the little old lady asks, “Where’s the beef?” This TikTok video is kind of like that.

Creator Valerie Lanier (@gigivalerie) recently posted a video about a disappointing order from chain restaurant Logan’s Roadhouse. The video has almost 8,000 views.

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The camera shows a row of three burgers—probably sliders. The patties on each bun have obviously been cut down to partial size. There’s not even a full portion of cheese on the burgers, though each still got its own pickle.

“Logan’s Roadhouse is tripping,” the creator says in a five-second clip. She captioned the video with the hashtag #wtf.

Viewers couldn’t believe their eyes. One commenter said it looked like one burger cut unequally into three pieces.

“If tiny homes were a sandwich,” another commenter wrote.

“Definitely if they were busy, and the cooks are overworked, that’s what they give you. Yeah but they are Trippin,” a viewer commented.

“Should of just told you they out stop messing around,” one comment read.

Another viewer asked, probably rhetorically, “did they really cut up a single patty? a patty that would clearly fit the bun?”

“Looks like they started eating it for you,” someone commented.

Another viewer wrote, “they did you so dirty.”

“I’d make some serious noise, [hand] that plate back to the waiter and walk out. That’s a direct insult,” a viewer chimed in.

Logan’s Roadhouse first opened in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1991 and started franchising five years later. The chain restaurant, known for its yeast rolls, sells a dish called Original Roadies, which the online menu describes as “three mini steakhouse burgers topped with American cheese and pickles on our famous rolls. Make ’em doubles for a little extra.” 

What if you barely even get singles, though?

The Daily Dot reached out to Lanier via TikTok and Logan’s Roadhouse via email.

In other recent Logan’s Roadhouse news: A server said that the restaurant they work at scheduled 14 servers for the same shift in a now-viral TikTok.

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